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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Myth of the "Gay Holocaust:" Lessons from the Nazi Experiment

By Christopher Ziegler

“Most men start revolutionary changes for reasons connected with their private lives.” (Aristotle) 

This month marks 70 years since the fall of the Third Reich.
A senile German President Paul von Hindenburg
ushered in the Nazi era in 1933 by appointing
Adolf Hitler Chancellor of a  "Government of
National Concentration" though the Nazis were in
 the minority 

Despite the passage of time, much about Hitler and the Nazis remains enigmatic. How did this small band of evil men gain absolute control over a civilized nation in such a short time?

The Nazis pursued power with a unique brand of ruthless pragmatism, and they pioneered many modern propaganda techniques in the process. Yet for all their intelligence and skill, the downfall of the Nazi party was as swift and decisive as its rise. When Hitler gained power he immediately set Germany on a course for war—against everyone. His catastrophic military blunders led to the destruction of everything he had achieved within a few years. 

Furthermore, why was it that, as writer David Berlinski once asked: “For reasons that they could not make clear, even to themselves, the men controlling the Third Reich determined that it would be a fine thing to exterminate 9 million European
Author Christopher Ziegler
can be found @CZWriting 
Jews?” Even during the last 18 months of the war, they continued to divert needed men and resources from the front in order to ramp up “production” in the death camps. This peculiar combination of political acumen, self-destructiveness, and unfathomable hatred remains a puzzle. To solve it, we must rediscover some not-so-hidden clues about who the Nazis really were.

In May 1994, a group of American homosexuals staged a “pilgrimage” to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. The LGBT movement has made impressive political advances in America in the past 20 years. This success has depended on the movement’s skillful portrayal of themselves as victims in need of protection. In this spirit they have cast their cause as an extension of the American Civil Rights Movement and have spearheaded numerous anti-bullying campaigns. Part of this effort has included raising awareness about Nazi persecution of homosexuals during the Holocaust. Richard Plant’s The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals(1987) and Frank Rector’s The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals (1981) are classics of this genre.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the pity party. When the American homosexual contingent arrived at the memorial in Jerusalem they were met with resistance by a group of Jewish Holocaust survivors, some of whom were so filled with rage they had to be physically restrained from attacking the activists. One man yelled “My grandfather was killed for refusing to have sexual relations with the camp commandant. You are desecrating this place…” (The Jerusalem Post, May 30, 1994). It seems that these Holocaust survivors had a somewhat different recollection of history.

The myth of the “Gay Holocaust” is a product of revisionist history. Homosexuals who died in the Holocaust were only a fraction of less than one percent of homosexuals in Nazi-occupied Europe (S. Katz, Holocaust and Genocide Studies). The camp with the highest number of “Pink Triangles” was Buchenwald, and the number of these prisoners peaked in 1944 at a mere 189 (Grau, Hidden Holocaust?). Many of these "Pink Triangles" were actually non-homosexuals who were falsely accused of homosexuality for political reasons. Communists and religious dissidents, for example, were often given the Pink Triangle designation. Although Nazi leaders often talked tough about gays, there was no systematic or sustained effort to persecute homosexuals as there was with the Jews.

Even The Washington Blade, a gay newspaper, admitted to the falsity of the “Gay Holocaust” narrative after looking into the research of historian John Fout. Most homosexuals “were imprisoned for relatively short sentences and in regular German prisons, not concentration camps as has been generally believed.” Furthermore, “The overwhelming majority of those arrested…were charged with engaging in sex in public places” (The Washington Blade, May 22, 1998). In other words, they were guilty of violating laws that pre and post-dated the Nazi regime. The Washington Blade article went on to say that the gay subculture of German cities mostly survived the Nazi era intact.

Although very few homosexuals were sent to the camps simply for the crime of being gay, some of those imprisoned did happen to be gay. Of these, many Holocaust survivors have said that they received privileged status in the camps. The Nazis administered their camps through the use of kapos, who were overseers chosen from among the prison population, and violent homosexuals were often chosen to fill this role. Stephen Ross, founder of the New England Holocaust Museum, was imprisoned for five years in the

camps as a child. He testifies that he was forced to perform
oral sex on some of these guards (Holocaust Survivor: Molested by Guards, The Massachusetts News, April 5, 2000). Holocaust literature abounds with examples of homosexual abuse. In his definitive account, Night, Elie Wiesel writes of Auschwitz: “there was considerable traffic in young children among homosexuals here.” (Wiesel 59).

These things may be hard to believe for Americans who have been sold on the image of the “gentle gay,” a harmless effeminate creature who is more likely to be the victim than the victimizer. But throughout the ages and in many cultures, homosexuality has been a common feature of ultra-masculine warrior cults. The ancient Spartans provide the most salient example of this behavior. High rates of violence and sadomasochism exist in gay cultures today. Indeed, although homosexuals are frequently the victims of violence, it is violence suffered most often at the hands of another homosexual.

According to a 2014 CDC study, less than 3 percent of American adults identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual. Yet, of 43 serial killers studied between 1966 and 1983 by the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago, 19 or 44 percent were homosexual. And many of America’s most vicious serial killers have been homosexual. These include John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dhamer. Many criminologists have noted that murders committed by homosexuals very often involve overkill—which is when a corpse exhibits wounds far beyond what is required to cause death. Overkill indicates that the murderer had an intense and irrational hatred toward the victim.

These facts shed light on the brutality of the Nazis. Until the 1970s, it was widely acknowledged in American culture that the leaders of the Nazi party were homosexuals. This fact was documented in a book written by Samuel Igra in 1945 titled Germany’s National Vice. Igra, a German Jew who closely observed the rise of the Nazis through the 20’s and 30’s before fleeing the country, called homosexuality the "poisoned stream" that ran through the heart of Nazism. He  writes that Hitler was “The central figure around which a number of men grouped themselves, from the 1920’s onwards, in a movement to gain supreme control of the German people. As the movement developed they were aided and abetted and supported financially as well as politically by the industrial capitalists of the Rhineland; but the initiative did not come from the latter. It came from Hitler as the condottiere of a band of evil men who were united together by a common vice.”

What was called “Germany’s national vice” was well known in Europe at the time. H.R. Knickerbocker, in his 1941 book Is Tomorrow Hitler's? said: “It remains characteristic of the Germans, that they -- outwardly the most brutally masculine of all European peoples -- are the most homosexual nation on earth.” Wilhelm Reich, a renown German psychoanalyst and author of The Mass Psychology of Fascism wrote that homosexuality was the breeding ground of fascism. Susan Sontag once tried to explain the phenomenon of sadomasochism in gay subculture as the “eroticizing of Nazism” and said that there is a natural link between homosexual sadomasochism and fascism. Even today, gay
Nazi chic
fashion (particularly among sadomasochists) retains points of commonality with the accouterments of Nazi military garb. Coincidentally, the words “fascist” and “faggot” both derive from the same Latin root word, fasces (meaning a bundle of rods).

In the Soviet Union in the 1930s, homosexuality was labeled the “fascist perversion,” and Soviet writer Maxim Gorky once remarked that there was a saying in Germany at the time that went: “Eradicate the homosexual and fascism will disappear.” Historian Mary Beard wrote in The Sex Life of the Unmarried Adult that “the Fascist movement in Germany, as in Italy and Japan, is essentially a dynamic of unmarried males…Adolf Hitler, [is] a bachelor like the majority of the thirty or forty leaders of the Nazi Party…A number of the prominent Nazis are men with a record of sexual perversions as well as of military daring.” Our residual cultural awareness of the implicit homosexuality of the Nazis is forever enshrined in the hilarious rendition of “Springtime for Hitler” in Mel Brooks’ The Producers.

The most notorious homosexual among the Nazis was Ernst Rohm. William Shirer, author of the definitive work The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, wrote that Rohm was “A tough, ruthless, driving man—albeit, like so many of the early Nazis, a homosexual — he helped organize the first Nazi strong-
arm squads.” A thick, heavy-set man, Rohm was the archetypal “butch” homosexual and pederast. (Pederastry, or “Greek love,” is the relationship between an adult male and a boy between the ages of 12-18.) Rohm had been a professional soldier since 1906 and after World War I he became a member of the terrorist group the Iron Fist, where he met a young Adolf Hitler. He helped groom Hitler for leadership and together they founded the National Socialist German Worker's Party on April 1, 1920. Rohm was the commander of the Brownshirts, also known as the SA (whose name meant Storm Troopers, named in honor of the Nordic god Wotan, the god of storms).

“[Rohm] projected a social order in which homosexuality

would be regarded as a human behavior pattern in high
repute…he flaunted his homosexuality in public and insisted that his cronies do the same. What was needed, Rohm believed, was a proud and arrogant lot who could brawl, carouse, smash windows, kill and slaughter for the hell of it. Straights, in his eyes, were not as adept in such behavior as practicing homosexuals,” according to Louis Snyder, a prominent historian of the Nazi era.  Through the SA, Rohm was able to live his dream of belonging to a modern Greek warrior cult. The Brownshirts terrorized Germany by beating up and harassing their political opponents until the Nazis became the most feared nationalist party. Homosexual historian Alfred Rowse writes of the Brownshirts that, “Theirs was a very masculine brand of homosexuality. They lived in a male world, without women, a world of camps and marching, rallies, and sports. They had their own relaxations, and the Munich SA became notorious on account of them.”

Many other Nazi leaders were homosexuals or rumored to be homosexuals, but perhaps no one else deserves more attention than Adolf Hitler himself. In 2001, German historian Lothar Machtan published The Hidden Hitler, in which he settled the matter of Hitler’s homosexuality by drawing on
Portrait of Hitler 
hundreds of period documents. Hitler never married until the day he killed himself, suggesting that he was none too keen on the issue of marriage. (He was probably not exclusively homosexual, but it should be noted that two of the women he is believed to have had relations with ended up committing suicide, while another attested to his having freakish sexual perversions.) 

During his “artist” years before World War I, Hitler spent time in a Viennese flophouse known as the Meldemannstrasse hostel. Machtan writes that, “Municipal hostels for homeless males were hubs of homosexual activity…[where many young men] kept themselves afloat by engaging in prostitution. Hitler spent over three years in this environment.” As a young man, Hitler was often referred to as “Der Schoen Adolf” (“the handsome Adolf”). 

Hitler was a big fan of the German composer Richard Wagner. From 1925 to 1933, Hitler became close with the Wagner family and made numerous trips to the Wagner estate in Bayreuth. According to Machtan, Hitler would often make these trips with male homosexual companions, including a man named Julius Schreck, whose photograph hung next to that of Hitler’s mother in his private quarters.
Hitler and Richard Wagner's two grandsons.
Hitler was known to be fond of Wagner’s grandchildren, Wolfgang and Wieland Wagner. In a Time Magazine article in 1994, the Wagner family made the accusation that, “Hitler sexually abused young Wieland during the ‘20s.'” This was revealed in an interview with American author and diplomat, Frederic Spotts, who investigated the Wagner family while writing the book
Bayreuth (Time, August 15, 1994). Wieland would later become Hitler’s protege and was exempted from military service by Hitler’s personal intervention (Machtan).

This information helps us to make sense of the mystery which still rightly haunts us: Why did the Nazis want to exterminate the Jewish people? For the answer to this question we are indebted to the work of Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, authors of
The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party. Lively (a Christian) and Abrams (a Jew) argue that the Holocaust can only be understood as spiritual warfare. To put the question another way, what did the Jews believe that could have incited such irrational hatred?

The condemnation of homosexuality in the Bible is, shall we say, something that has never gone unnoticed among men who self-identify as homosexual. It is not a matter of selective interpretation, as some liberals and modernists of today would have us believe. Homosexuality is repeatedly condemned in both the Old and New Testaments in the harshest terms. Every time the practice is mentioned it is linked to personal or societal destruction. In the Torah, homosexuality is designated as toeva, meaning abomination. Some people today (mostly those who have never read the Bible) believe that such prohibitions must have been commonplace in ancient times, and that the Biblical code is just a relic from this period. But nothing could be further from the truth. As those who have read the Bible know, the prohibitions found in the Torah, especially those against homosexuality and other non-procreative sex acts, are what set the Jewish people apart and made them unique among their neighbors in the ancient near east. 

Most pagan worship never contained strict prohibitions against homosexuality. In fact, homosexuals -- gay and lesbian -- were often the priests of these ancient cults. "The Jews were the people responsible for the demise of the pagan world domination. Their theology (especially in its Christian form) banished pagan practices, including
The "Poisoned Stream" that runs through Nazism
homosexuality, to a hidden and often reviled subculture. At its very root there is a spiritual element to the Holocaust that suggests that it was, in some respects, vengeance against the people whose moral laws had relegated pagan sex-religions to obscurity and ignominy” (Lively and Abrams).

The Nazis, who were occultists (the swastika and the SS double lightning bolt were occult symbols), adhered to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche wrote that Christianity was a Jewish conspiracy, through which Jewish morality was able to triumph over the “superior” masculine ethos of the Greeks. Following Nietzsche, the Nazi architects believed that their great goal was to undo the “damage” Christianity had done to the German race. “Christianity was perceived by the Nazis as merely the theological puppet of Judaism; a tool to enslave the minds of otherwise rational people of every race” (Lively and Abrams).

A pamphlet distributed by the Nazis called Race Defilement told the story: "The way in which Christianity is directed in the interests of world Jewry and its attitude toward Judaism is traceable to the undeniable fact that the founders and proclaimers of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were full-blooded Jews…It cannot therefore be coincidence, or negligence or ignorance that consciously makes Christians…deviate from the fundamental tenets of conserving nationality and cultivating race. The reason for this is to defile non-Jewish races, weaken and destroy them so that Judaism, as the 'chosen people,' can…[erect] a world sovereignty on the ruins of the non-Jewish races which Christianity has destroyed” (Author Dietrich Hutton).

The Nazis believed they had to take apart Judeo-Christian morality root and branch. Their strategy to implement this
American Soldiers view corpses found in newly
liberated Buchenwald concentration camp in
April 1945
was two-fold: for ethnic Jews, extermination; for Christians, re-education. The Nazis were practical enough to understand that a Christian Holocaust was not feasible. But killing off most of the nations ethnic Jewish population was an attainable goal. As the Jews were being wiped out, German Christians were being propagandized with the neo-pagan race ideals. Those pastors and priests who resisted were sent to the death camps right along with the Jews, while the rest of the congregations would be intimidated into silence.

In March 1935, 700 Protestant pastors were arrested by the Gestapo for condemning neo-paganism. The Nazis accused them of “violating the moral instincts of the German race by references to Abraham, Joseph and David in the course of their teachings.” In May 1941, a Nazi decree banned all Catholic periodicals and newspapers. As soon as the Nazis came to power they replaced many Christian holidays with pagan celebrations like “The Day of the Summer Solstice.” Marriage ceremonies invoked “Mother Earth” and “Father Sky.” Crucifixes and prayer were gradually removed from schools and hospitals, and teachers were prohibited from attending voluntary religion classes organized by the Catholic Church (Lively and Abrams). It is impossible here to document the full extent of the Nazis’ evil designs, but the facts collected here help paint a picture of the true spiritual meaning of the Holocaust.

The Apostle Paul said that, “The carnal mind is enmity to God.” All people have God’s law of right and wrong written in their hearts. Violating this law through repeated acts of sodomy hardens one’s heart against God, making it easier to transgress other moral statutes. The homosexual agenda, past and present, is easily understood as a war against God’s law and authority. People who self identify as homosexual have always been at the vanguard of the sexual liberation movement (war on God’s law) with abortion, prostitution, transgenderism and bestiality trailing in their wake.

The reason the Bible so frequently singles out homosexuality is because it is the most politically aggressive, and therefore the most socially dangerous, of all the sexual sins. Most sexual sins do not have a social component. Two adulterous men cheating on their wives or two women who have had abortions do not typically get together to form societies centered on their transgressions. They tend to keep their actions secret and hidden from public. But homosexuals, because of the very nature of their sin, do tend to get together and form societies. They agitate for public recognition and, because they are often talented and unburdened by the demands of family life, they are able to accumulate wealth and exert influence well beyond their limited numbers. 

These characteristics endow homosexual movements with potentially revolutionary power. This is why almost every human society was permeated with homosexuality before the rise of Christianity, and why wherever and whenever the Judeo-Christian influence weakens, homosexual movements are able to reassert their strength.
An estimated 25,000 to 40,000 Germans were killed in the Dresden
bombing Feb. 13-15, 1945. The city was destroyed.
70 years ago this month, the world witnessed the destruction of the once great German nation. They had the world's best scientific minds, the hardest workers and a charismatic
leader who promised them their Reich would last 1000 years. Nevertheless, their cities were destroyed by fire from the sky, the names of their leaders are now universally reviled, and their descendants are cursed with shame. Meanwhile, God’s chosen people have been restored to their ancestral homeland promised to them in the Bible. Some might call this a curious turn of events. 

But an exiled demon is not a destroyed demon. It wanders the earth looking for someone else to devour. As the smoke rose from the burned  German cities, we have to wonder what nation that demon chose to enter into next….

U.S. Supreme Court will decide the issue of same-sex "marriage" in June. 

Did you enjoy this piece? Christopher Ziegler has written more.   The Battle for the Identity of Man: A House Divided

Editor's Note: I will be out of town May 9-17, 2015. I would love you hear your polite comments on this piece. If you post one after May 9th, it won't be published until May 17. 


  1. This is a fascinating article with many unique insights into the nature of the homosexual agenda. The terms 'homofascism' and 'feminazi' are chillingly accurate.

    1. Thanks for reading Kathy!

      You forgot to mention "Gaystapo." I think the earliest known record of this kind of fascism is found in Genesis 19:4-9.

      -C. Ziegler

  2. See

    1. Great Link, thank you Anonymous. It's an excellent research paper by one of my online friends.

    2. Anonymous,

      Thank you for reading this and thank you for the article you left. It was very well written.

      In my opinion, the only kind of "hate speech" that exists is the telling of lies. The LGBT movement is guilty of the most vile hate speech for the lies they've tried to spread about the Holocaust. It shows that they have no regard for truth. It's all about " ME ME ME" for them.

      -C. Ziegler

  3. @C. Ziegler:
    You’re right about lies being a form of hate speech, but misguided when it comes to how.

    "The myth of the ‘Gay Holocaust’ is a product of revisionist history."
    In reality, it is the assertion of the 'Gay Holocaust Myth' that is a product of revisionist history. Gays were one of many segments of the community targeted by the Nazis and it is only being turned into a myth by people like yourselves. You're not guilty of holocaust denial, but you're doing your best re-engineer history and deny homosexuals their rightful remembrance as victims.

    This article relies on a lot of baseless conjecture. An attempt to prove that homosexuals are their own worst enemy goes nowhere with a lot of nonsense about serial killers. It completely overlooks the reality of gay hate crimes and bullying in which gays are usually not targeted by other homosexuals.
    In the end, your essay reads like an attempt to turn around reality – to remove the fact that homosexuals were victims of the Third Reich and were actually responsible for the holocaust.

    Greg C.

  4. Greg,

    Thanks for reading.

    The question is not whether there were any gay victims of the Holocaust (there were). The question is whether homosexuals were systematically targeted by the Nazis for extermination like the Jews were, such that it would merit the designation of being a "gay holocaust."

    The evidence for this claim does not exist.

    You call this 'baseless conjecture' even though I cited several sources to make my case while you cited none to make yours. I even cited sources that were contrary to my case. Also, please read this link:


    This article actually articulates the argument better than mine.

    And if we should remember that some of the victims of the Holocaust were gay, shouldn't we also remember that some of the perpetrators were gay? Many historians have felt the need to point this out (I cited a sampling above). In any case, I don't think you should focus on one fact while neglecting to mention the other.

    Even one person being bullied or murdered for being gay is too many and inexcusable. I just don't like how some gay activists have trumped up this narrative for immediate political gain. Distorting the history of the Holocaust, or omitting pertinent facts about it, to serve one's political agenda is propaganda that deserves to be called out.

    -C. Ziegler

    1. It was other aspects of this essay that were baseless conjecture.
      Speculation on the sexual proclivities of Hitler proves nothing. A campy photo of him wearing high-waisted shorts is only proof that portraits of that period frequently made men look sexually ambiguous, at least by modern standards of masculinity. At that particular time it could well have been a rather macho picture. A more contemporary picture of a younger man influenced by Nazi fashion doesn’t turn the Nazis into a gay army either. It only proves how naïve and impressionable some young people are and how liable they are to embrace a style that has unsavoury origins.

      I don’t deny that the Nazis had homosexuals in their midst. To make that claim would be short-sighted. As we know, Ernst Rohm was gay and fairly open about it. Hitler was well aware of Rohm’s sexuality but chose to ignore it because it suited him to do so. Ignoring Rohm’s sexuality is not to be taken as a sign that Hitler was some sort of sexual kindred spirit. He found it quite objectionable, but he was willing to overlook it simply because he needed the support of Rohm’s paramilitary SA organisation. This was no longer the case when he later developed the SS organisation. Hitler had no further use for Rohm and his bullyboy ‘brown shirt’ thugs, which led to the famous ‘Night Of The Long Knives’ debacle.

      The article is also correct in noting that SS guards were known to rape members of the same sex. But it wasn’t a widespread occurrence and it's utter fantasy to exaggerate such instances to the point where one can claim homosexuality was a central driving force behind the Nazi brotherhood. This article attempts to paint the SS as some kind of gay S&M cult with a fetish for uniforms, insignia and torture.
      There's a homoerotic element to armies all around the world, with their hazing routines, horseplay and ardent camaraderie, but this isn't to say they are all driven by homosexuality. I've seen videos on YouTube of U.S. Marines dancing together, wrestling with each other and shaving each other's nether regions, but this doesn't prove the U.S. military is underpinned by homosexuality. It's only proof of the brotherly love that develops between males in a dangerous and hyper-masculine profession. In the case of the Nazi party the reverse of the argument is true. Along with antisemitism, excessive homophobia was one of the virulent obsessions of the Third Reich.

      Greg C.

    2. The article states, "Although Nazi leaders often talked tough about gays, there was no systematic or sustained effort to persecute homosexuals as there was with the Jews."
      Nazi leaders did more than "often talk tough." They were firmly convinced that this small fraction of the population was going to cause the entire German race to die out unless they took action to prevent it. And act they did…
      Gay clubs were raided and shut down. Then before the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Hitler strangely changed his mind and allowed some of these clubs reopen. According to Nazi war historian Nikolaus Wachsmann, Hitler was merely keeping up appearances. He didn't want international visitors to feel that the German capital was as drab, boring and sterile as it had become. As expected, as soon as the Olympics were over it was back to business as usual and gay clubs were outlawed again. So it wasn’t only Jewish businesses that felt the wrath of Hitler’s Germany.

      As a part of their persecution against homosexuals, the Nazi party altered and tightened the definitions of "paragraph 175" of the German criminal code. Part of this was to make it ambiguous enough to start arresting people merely suspected of homosexual acts. In one famous case, a man was interned in a concentration camp after being caught watching a young heterosexual couple having sex in a park. The arresting officer claimed that the spectator appeared to be focused only on watching the male. In a dark city park at night, how could he tell? In a court today you would have no trouble arguing your way out of such a flimsy claim. But in those early years of Nazi rule, Germany had commenced a form of lawless detention in early pre-war concentration camps that was tantamount to kidnapping. Along with homosexuals, the Nazis rounded up what became their favourite victim groups – Jews, communists, political opponents and later on, the unemployed, vagrants, Gypsies and Soviets.

      You’re quite correct that the main question in all of this “is whether homosexuals were systematically targeted by the Nazis for extermination like the Jews were.” But you said, “the evidence for this claim does not exist.” As stated above, the persecution was enshrined in German criminal law with the strengthening of the measures of Paragraph 175.
      Heinrich Himmler took a giant leap further in 1936 when he created a special department devoted specifically to the persecution of homosexuals. It was called the Reichszentrale Zur Bekämp-fung der Homosexualität und Abtreibung (Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion).

      Greg C.

  5. Himmler’s new department was just another part of the Nazi mania against those it deemed as outsiders and threats to its leadership and the future of the ‘fatherland.’ The aim of it was to create dossiers on homosexual citizens. It did this by gathering tip-offs from whistleblowers in the community (a jealous lover was often responsible or it could be a suspicious landlady who noticed that a male tenant seemed uninterested in women and only had male guests stay overnight). Himmler also had warrants issued for people who had been arrested in the past for homosexual activity. Even if they had served their sentence and were now free, he knew they were homosexual and wanted them out of the community and under lock and key.

    It was in this way that homosexuals were identified and included in police raids that ended in their incarceration in the KL system. And once inside the camps, homosexuals were legally regarded as "incorrigible" and not to be released, unlike some other prisoner groups who were felt to be amenable to reeducation. As a further injustice, their torment did not end with liberation at the end of the war. All other surviving POWs were free to rebuild their lives where homosexuals often continued to be treated as criminals. When homosexuals had been arrested like common criminals, the allies had no qualms about holding them and turning them over to German authorities to serve the remainder of their sentences within the prison system. So, homosexual persecution was so bad that it continued beyond the war for many.

    “if we should remember that some of the victims of the Holocaust were gay, shouldn't we also remember that some of the perpetrators were gay?”
    Is this argument another attempt to make homosexuals into perpetrators of evil war crimes? If so, it doesn’t work due to the issue of motivation. Being gay wasn’t their motivation for joining the Nazi party and it didn’t motivate what they did. Thus, their sexuality didn’t play a part in the commission of their war crimes, so why bother remembering it? It does make an interesting academic subject though. I believe there might be one or two books out there about the sex lives of Nazi officers. But that’s beside the point. Nazi officers would have been too scared of being betrayed by their comrades and ending up like Ernst Rohm to be open.

    So if we’re inclined to disregard the sexuality of Nazi perpetrators, then why are the victims so important? In their case, sexuality was of crucial importance. Homosexual victims of the holocaust were targeted specifically because either they were gay or were accused/suspected of it. That is no myth and their part in the systematic persecution of humanity proved it.

    Sorry for the length of my reply. It had to be broken up due to the 4096 character limit on posts here, so I hope it hasn't been too much reading. I particularly agree with your last paragraph. Thanks for replying to me.

    Greg C.

  6. Greg,

    Thanks for commenting. Some of these very points you bring up actually support my argument.

    First of all, my charge that Hitler was gay is not based on photos of him looking gay. It's primarily based on the work of German historian Lothar Machtan who wrote The Hidden Hitler. I was merely relying on him. I also cite a Time magazine article that produced allegations of Hitler abusing Wagner's grandson (the Wagner family actually still supports Hitler to this day, so it's strange that they would lie about this). It's also a fact that Hitler didn't marry until his last day on earth, which seems odd as there was clearly nothing stopping him from doing whatever he wanted in that regard.

    I acknowledge, as does Machtan, that he was probably not exclusively gay, but all available evidence points to him having strange sexual perversions. This should not surprise us! There is a clear connection between lust and power. Someone that power hungry in their public life is not going to be sexually conventional in their private life, as we so often see even with lesser politicians.

    As Aristotle said, "Men start revolutionary changes for reasons connected to their private lives." People are social animals, and as such there is no clear-cut distinction between the private and the public. Just as one's words reflect one's thoughts, so the behavior of society as a whole is an outcome of the actions of its individual members. So if you have a large number of people living disordered sex lives, this is eventually going to manifest itself in society in some way.

    -C. Ziegler

  7. Now as you yourself just acknowledged, there was a gay nightlife in Germany. I point this out in my article, that in the early 20th century Germany had a reputation in Europe for being "the gayest nation." Weimar Germany of the 1920s was particularly morally decadent, but it can actually be traced back to the late 19th century. During this time there was a boy-scout like group called the Wandervoegel (wandering youth), a forerunner of the Hitler youth. There was rampant pederastry in this group and it shaped the lives of many of the future Nazi leaders.

    This gay culture provided the breeding ground wherein men began forming themselves into secret societies. One of these was the Thule society which had homosexual and occult tendencies. Hitler joined this group and they later turned into the Nazis. Among these many groups, only the Nazis emerged to national prominence, and this is probably mostly due to Hitler's rhetorical talents. But the point is that the Nazis movement did not happen in a vacuum.

    People had many motivations for joining the Nazis after they came to power, including just wanting a job. But in its early years we see the influence of homosexuality more clearly. Rohm was not just an open homosexual. He celebrated homosexuality as a superior lifestyle. He staffed the ranks of the SA with people like him and homosexuality was rampant in the Munich SA, such that it was becoming an international embarrassment.

    You're right the homosexuality is a feature of many armies but there's a difference between ones that try to discourage that behavior and keep it under wraps (like the US military, at least before the repeal of DADT) and Rohm's SA, where the behavior was celebrated and considered a rite of passage like in a warrior cult.

    -C. Ziegler

  8. I'm sure the Nazis kept files on homosexuals, just as they did on many people, but this is not evidence of widespread persecution. Hitler was terrified of blackmail. Many of the Nazi leaders, including himself, were frequently victims of blackmail due to their homosexual liaisons. I'm sure many they tried to deal with as many of these potential blackmailers as possible.

    As you yourself acknowledge, Paragraph 175 predated the Nazi regime. They did not invent the laws against homosexual behavior. You claim that they broadened it but this was merely done so that it could be used as a way to discredit and arrest non-homosexual opponents of the regime like Catholic priests. This is well documented, your claim that Paragraph 175 was somehow "strengthened" as a means of going after actual homosexuals is not documented.

    Again, many of the gays arrested during this time were guilty of violating laws that predated the Nazis and which were on the books in almost every other country. That is not persecution in any way comparable to what the Jews went through. It is outrageous that anyone would try to claim that being arrested for giving oral sex in a park is equivalent to being arrested for the "crime" of being Jewish. This is the victim-plunder ideology of homosexuals that I'm trying to push back against.

    As far as Himmler goes, I think it's safe to say that of all the Nazi leaders he was the least into the gay. But even then you'll find he's the exception that proves the rule. Himmler obsession was eugenics. He wanted to purify and expand the German (Aryan) race. Whereas Christians oppose homosexuality because it's based on lust, and abortion because it destroys a life, Himmler's opposition to these practices was based on his eugenic views. In other words, he didn't oppose abortion because he saw taking life as morally wrong (clearly he had no qualms with taking life) but because it was counter-productive to propagating the race.

    Now if a full-blooded German had gotten a Jewish woman pregnant, he would have been in support of aborting in that instance (because that would be a eugenic abortion). But if two Germans had gotten pregnant, abortion in that case would have been unpardonable to him. Similarly, Himmler did not care if a man had sex with other men. He knew many such men in the party and obviously tolerated it. But he insisted that every man due his national duty and produce children (and if they had gay sex on the side that was their business). But a man leading an exclusively homosexual life would have been counter-productive to expanding the race.

    -C. Ziegler

  9. This fascination with eugenics is actually one of the strongest correlations between the Nazis and homosexual activists today. Eugenics is the pursuit of human perfection, aesthetically and biologically, and many homosexuals support this general outlook. Most of them support abortion. In the mid-20th century, pro-abortionists switched from the rhetoric of eugenics to the rhetoric of libertarianism, but this was just a change in strategy, not in philosophy. Abortion is a holocaust going on in our midst in America today. About 90 percent of Americans with Downs Syndrome are killed before they are born in eugenic abortions.

    Homosexuals are also big supporters of IVF treatments and, in order to have children, they are willing to "rent wombs" and treat women as incubators. This is perfectly consistent with what Himmler in fact did. He established breeder colonies, or "state-registered human stud farms" called Lebensborn (meaning fount of life) where young girls selected for their perfect Aryan traits could breed with SS men. He claimed that this was his greatest contribution to the Third Reich and by 1945 over 11,000 births had resulted from this program. So, again, Himmler is the exception that proves the rule in this matter.

    -C. Ziegler

    1. "Your claim that Paragraph 175 was somehow 'strengthened' as a means of going after actual homosexuals is not documented."
      The fact the clause was altered in the way it was is documentation in itself. When you go into the motives for the amended law, you're only engaging in speculation which itself isn't documented. We have numbers and incidences of non-homosexuals (religious and political opponents) being arrested and sent away using Paragraph 175. But this is no proof that it was the main reason Paragraph 175 was made more vague and dangerous.

      You said the Nazis keeping files on homosexuals was not evidence of widespread persecution. Of course, the recordkeeping in itself was not. If it was, we could say that Google and Facebook are guilty of the 'widespread persecution' of their users by retaining all kinds of data they have no real right to collect, keep and use. Recordkeeping and surveillance are not forms of persecution unless it is followed by action that adversely affects those people. When the Nazi records on homosexuals were used to compile lists for police raids for lawless detention it crossed the line. This is clear evidence of targeting people and engaging in the persecution of them.

      You used the idea of blackmail by homosexuals as the main impetus for keeping files on gays. I'm not saying there weren’t instances of blackmail by homosexuals. Nor am I saying that Himmler's department (The Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion) wasn't used to deal with blackmailers. But it seems a stretch of the imagination that the Nazis would create and staff an entire department to deal mainly with blackmail of homosexual origin (and fears of it happening). Hitler and his SS leaders had the Gestapo to investigate things like blackmail. The records of The Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion would have been used to monitor homosexual blackmail suspects, but this isn't reason enough to devote a department to it. Without documentation, this is only speculation too. The mission of that department was to identify and incarcerate homosexuals (both actual and suspected) and that is what it did.

      I never mentioned a case of public oral sex leading to an arrest. I referred to a case in which a man accused of being gay had watched a couple (heterosexual) having sex. You find it outrageous that being arrested for being gay is seen as comparable to arrest for being Jewish. Why? They both amount to persecution. It is only the reasons that differ, with one trait being sexual and the other racial. To separate them only creates an 'apples versus oranges' argument.


    2. You'll get no argument from me on Himmler's eugenic views. Now those were well known and he wasn't particularly interested in the more conventional homophobia along moralistic or religious lines. In saying he was the least "gay" you still seem to be suggesting that the Nazi party was largely a homosexual organisation. This line of thought isn’t new. The fact that gay men were involved in fascist movements has been seized on and abused by homophobes in the past. In a particularly nutty work of revisionist history called 'The Pink Swastika,' self-appointed 'historian' Scott Lively blames gay people for the entire Holocaust. Were homosexuals involved in the Nazi movement and the commission of war crimes? Certainly, they were. Was their sexuality in some way a part of the party ethos? No, there’s nothing documented there, just lots of theories and cherry-picking of ideas by obnoxious cranks like Lively, who want to claim that homosexuality is poisonous and if gays are given great power it can result in epic tragedies like the holocaust. I'm reminded of a point someone else made to debunk this revisionist idea. They said it was like saying the state of California is gay and the evidence is the fact that San Francisco has a gay community. Suggesting the Nazi party was in some way driven by homosexuality is no different.

      As for Hitler's sexuality, I’m aware that he was rumoured to have some pretty offbeat habits and proclivities. Whether any of them were true or not is now unclear. All we have is hearsay and nothing concrete. Your argument that power tends to inspire perversion is understandable too. I'd like to think that Hitler had a bisexual streak because the idea makes him a little more human where history simply portrays him as a maniacal dictator with a dodgy haircut. If Hitler had any homosexual encounters or tendencies, they were not something he could come to terms with, hence his militant views against it. Rabbi Bernard Melchman said, "Homophobia and anti-Semitism are so often part of the same disease." It should be no surprise that a racist like Hitler was homophobic too.

      You describe a "victim-plunder ideology of homosexuals" as your motivation for the article. As well as refuting the idea that a sexual minority could cause the holocaust, I oppose what is often a Jewish monopoly on holocaust suffering. We hear plenty about the approximately 6 million Jews who were murdered, but know less about the others that made up the total of around 11 million that disappeared during that tragic period. The issue of anti-Semitism tends to obscure everything else. The Final Solution campaign was the biggest in size and aimed at European Jewry, but a lot of other victims persecuted as undesirables were caught up in that policy of extermination. Nobody should seek to cover up their persecution or trivialise it. This is a kind of part-holocaust denial. You're not going the whole way like some and claiming that the holocaust never occurred. But you’re claiming it didn’t really happen to whole group of victims.


    3. In some ways it is an exaggeration to say what homosexuals experienced was "not persecution in any way comparable to what the Jews went through." "In any way comparable" is too broad. There were many ways in which it was quite comparable. They were singled out in the community in the same ways. They stood packed together like sardines for hours in railway carriages destined for the same camps. Upon arrival, they were all subjected to an unforgettably violent welcome from SS staff. Those not exterminated on arrival all suffered an uncertain future in overcrowded barracks where they endured crippling forced labour, pointless exercises, random bouts of violent abuse as well as hunger, thirst and disease. Those who weren't ill or starved out of existence often met with the same fate in the gas chambers and crematoria.
      The only major way in which you can claim Jewish was different was in the sheer numbers. By a huge margin, European Jews were the largest victim group persecuted by Hitler's Germany. But they were not the only victim group and others were destined for complete extermination too. In holocaust remembrance this should always be respected. Survivors of the holocaust are nearly all gone and their ancestors need to band together in this age of increasing holocaust denial. They should fight to maintain the memory of the holocaust, not waste energy fighting to claim greater persecution or allege that others weren't even persecuted at all.

      I'm not really surprised that such division exist in holocaust remembrance. The division was there well before the holocaust had even finished. It would be wrong to think of Nazi prisoners in camps as a united group of victims. Just like kids in the schoolyard or inmates in prison, KL prisoners had their cliques and groups. Communists stuck together as did Jewish prisoners and so on. There was no real shame in being branded a Gypsy or a "work-shy" unemployed prisoner. But those wearing the infamous pink triangle had few friends to count on and no way to hide. Homosexual survivors reported that they became the punching bag for everyone, even abuse from other prisoners. In mid-August 1939, 22 year-old Hamburg tailor Otto Giering awoke in the infirmary of Sachsenhausen with a heavy bag of sand on his stomach and was told he had been castrated… involuntarily. The gloating commandant came by a few days later with his testicles in a jar of solution and told him he could have one last look at them. That wasn’t an isolated incident and happened to many homosexuals. Sympathy was in short supply inside the concentration camps and that’s still the case now, 70 years after the last camp was liberated.

      Your point about the Wandervoegel made me think more about Nazis with homosexual tendencies. I have to concede that the sexuality and life experiences of Nazi gays may have affected their conduct after all. You've convinced me that it wasn't merely an incidental issue as I believed. Where you quoted Aristotle, I'll close with Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. The central point of his theory on prejudice is that "people hate most in others what they loathe and fear most in themselves."
      It is fully in keeping with Nazi sadism that self-loathing and fear of discovery drove some of them in their persecution of homosexual victims. Hyper-masculine behaviour often lies behind gay hate crimes as the perpetrators lash out to overcompensate for a perceived weakness within themselves. Some also carry out such acts as a means of hiding, believing that toughness and cruelty will prevent others from questioning their own manhood.

      Greg C.

  10. Greg,

    You seem adamant on drawing a false equivalency. You say about Jewish versus gay suffering that:

    "The only major way in which you can claim Jewish was different was in the sheer numbers."

    This is just nonsense. Complete nonsense. Whole Jewish families were destroyed. Wives were torn from their husbands. Children were torn from their mothers. Babies were killed in front of their mothers. And for no other reason than because they were born Jewish.

    Gays, on the other hand, landed themselves in trouble not because of who they were but because of what they did. To the extent there was mistreatment (which has been overblown) it was the result of actions they could A) control, and B) would have gotten them in trouble with the law in many other countries. How are these things in any way comparable?

    You seem to think being homosexual is like being a race or ethnic group. This is false. Jewish people have Jewish babies. Black people have black babies. Gay people DO NOT have gay babies. Being gay is not a genetic condition. There are no gay lineages. You can't be proud of being gay because your father was gay and his father and his father before him. That's ridiculous for the obvious reasons. But whole Jewish lineages were wiped out in the Holocaust.

    Homosexuals come from all different races, the only thing that unites them is a common behavior--a sexual behavior. If you take away this specific sexual behavior then nothing else remains by which you can establish a common identity. There is a gay culture of sorts but this culture revolves around and celebrates that specific sexual behavior which alone makes one gay.

    Hence, a person could only be discriminated against for being gay if they were caught engaging in this behavior. Contrast this with a person like Anne Frank, a little girl who did NOTHING but was sent to the gas chambers just for being Jewish. Millions of Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust. How many "gay" children were killed? Answer: 0.

    I think you should check out the numbers posts on this website that address the issue of same-sex attraction. Many of them are compassionate and point the way to how Jesus Christ can help you conquer or control these feelings. These posts can be found in the left-hand column of the blog. Also be sure to check out josephsciambra.com (or, How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved me from Homosexuality, Pornography and the Occult), which you can also link to in the left-hand column.

    God bless!

    -C. Ziegler

  11. I enjoyed the piece for its well researched history. I had until now never heard the phrase "gay holocaust". However, to be frank, I doubt very much the words of the Jewish man in the story whos grandfather had been killed for denying sex to the camp official. It's was against German law even to kiss a Jew, such an act, although certainly possible, would have not been witnessed by anybody that might ever bring it to light. It's similar stories that were told about Jews in general by those that deny the holocaust ever took place.
    "Gay holocaust"? Never happened in the systematic and organized sense. But let's be clear: if you were reported as a practicing homosexual, then you were undoubtedly deemed untrustworthy and even inferior to other Germans. I'm sure more than a handful were sent off to unknown fates........and, I certainly suppose it's fair to say that those unfortunates where part of The Holocaust. But I must admit that even though some of this story smacked a bit as homophobic, the fact is there was no "gay holocaust". I would imagine, indeed it is documented, that quite a few Nazi officers were homosexuals. They just, certainly, didn't speak about it. I'm also quite sure that If the gay community is looking for this type of history to bring more sympathy to their cause, then they will find well documented the fact that Stalin purged anybody accused of homosexual behavior.

  12. I have just read this and wow, what a fascinating piece.It was watching a movie.
    Iam officially a fan. Somebody should do a documentary on what has been cast light on in the story.