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Saturday, June 15, 2013


“And for this reason, a man shall leave father and mother and cling to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.”(Gen 2:24)

by Lawrence Fox, (tongue in cheek)

Dear God,

This instruction is not very clear. Did you intend to identify the man as "male" and the wife as "female"? These are very critical points that need confirmation.  

We are most confused on this matter and conjecture that the man could be a woman and the woman could be a man as a result of their disposition and resolved same sex attractions (SSA).  Is it not the heart that matters and not reality?

Yes, we understand that when Adam (the male) saw Eve (the female), Adam identified her as “wo”man. The simple fact is you brought her forth from his side and that is why she was so named. But we have moved beyond all that and do not see that same natural creative process in place today. 

We, instead, are attempting to bring forth males and females from test tubes and Petri dishes, cloned from hamsters, and guineas pigs and we are even now transgendered (ing) our children with the blessing of your ambassadors who scream for SSA justice in so many of your progressive churches.

From our new perspective, a man could leave father and mother and cling to a wife who is in fact a “man” emulating a “wo” – (male acting out and emulating as a “female” in manner and disposition).  Again maybe it is not gender that matters but one of disposition?  Or again the case could be that a wife leaves father and mother and clings to her husband who is in fact a “fe” (woman acting out and emulating as a “male” in both manner and disposition).

We are not sure you had a definite and clear plan when you placed Adam --the male -- in the Garden with Eve -- the female? Are you sure her name wasn't Steve, not Eve?

Maybe you were testing us to see how long it would take us, your creation, to figure out that there was no plan or maybe to discover “that it is the natural law that kills and it is the spirit of experimentation that gives life.”

Yes, we are able to identify and name matter as you instructed our parents to do. We can discern neutrons, protons, electrons, pre-creative strings, gravity, dark matter (nothing to do with Satan), but this male and female, man and wife business is too confusing.

We have more important things to concern ourselves with including the latest fashions, hooking up with as many same-sex and opposite-sex partners as possible. We have to root for Obama Care so that others pay for the increase in our sexually transmitted disease. We have to find new ways of preventing the conception of males and females, and then  terminating them when they are conceived – especially the females which are a real economic burden. And again it is important that we find others to pay for our actions – especially those horrible intolerant Christian followers of yours.

It seems – given what was stated above – we have a good argument against there being a Divine plan for a male and a female to marry since we do not really want to be fathers and mothers - just irresponsible boys and girls.

And if that is what we want to do, You (God) must have willed it because we were taught by our pastors that “God does not make junk.”  As such, we have concluded that everything “we will,” you must have willed and then created.  

It is amazing how clear things become when we have this one-sided conversation (prayer) with You.

Lawrence Fox 

P.S. Please do something about that awful Catholic Church that teaches that You created humanity as male and female,  and for this reason a man (male) leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife (female)  who also left her father and mother to cling to her husband. And get rid of that annoying expression: “And God saw that everything He made was good.”