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Friday, October 25, 2019

The Politics of Optical Cross Connection (OCC)

A Parody of What the Homosexual Lobby did to Psychiatry in America in the 1970s

by Lawrence Fox 

Not too long ago, the American Optical Association (AOA) -- a team of experts on the operation of human eyes and the role of human vision as one critical perception of reality -- identified Optical Cross-Connection (OCC for short) as an inordinate condition; something which required examination, medical attention, and counselling.

Persons who were diagnosed with OCC could not distinguish between real "left" and real "right." In extreme cases, "left" and "right" blurred their perception of "‘centre." Obviously the condition known as OCC prevented a small percentage of persons from various forms of activities where optical left had to be absolutely left and optical right had to be absolutely right, while centre had to be absolutely centre.  

In many cases people with OCC were misunderstood and marginalised. Be that as it
may, movements were started within society to remove the stigma associated with OCC; along with other forms of diagnosed stigmas.

Pressure from such movements became so great that the AOA eventually voted (six to four) to remove language which identified, Optical Cross-Connection as an inordinate condition; something which required examination and medical attention.” This decision was not accepted by all opticians and so the debate continued.

This ruling was very perplexing to people who sensed and reasoned that optical left was indeed left, optical right was right. And centre was dead centre.

Some resistance emerged in society over the AOA decision. To overcome this resistance, rallies, sit-ins, and very vocal marches were held. It was not long before “scientific” journals and articles by AOA members were generated stating, “left is right and right is left when viewed in a mirror and therefore the notions of left and right are completely subjective in nature.” It was also argued that, “the eyes of insects -- cousins to humans -- optically collate scenery with no reference to left or right.

Given the greater number of insects in nature -- compared to other two eyed creatures -- research dictates that OCC should be considered not only normal but more than normal when compared with the number of two-eyed creatures possessing Direct Correlating Vision or DCV for short.

A growing number of OCC persons became members of the AOA; in fact, the ratio of OCC membership swelled within the ranks of the American Optical Association.

With this change in the quantitative ratio between OCC and normal persons, the AOA began to consult with various government agencies guiding them to make laws removing all forms of restrictions placed on OCC persons and to remove all perceived stigmas. 

In the mean time, AOA continued to hire people specifically sympathetic to the normalisation of OCC throughout the whole of human society.

As time moved on, state and federal governments passed laws restricting the publication of research journals which identified the origins of OCC, the difficulties associated with OCC and/or identified OCC as something treatable (able to be corrected). 

Opticians who specialised in the treatment of
OCC patients were categorised in a very negative light and even barred from AOA-sponsored events. OCC members of the AOA generated commentaries to support laws  directed against opticians who said OCC was treatable. 

Sometimes the persecuted opticians pushed back by saying these commentaries-- identifying OCC as normal -- were simply a form of circular polemics and not science. 

The battle continued. Within one generation, governments ended up installing mirrors on streets, buildings, and in libraries to help persons with “direct correlating vision” (or DCV for short) to view “reality” in the same manner as OCC persons. Signs were also installed stating, “Please watch were your step, your path may be crossed.”

This is a spoof of the American Psychological Association, which in the 1970s made the resolution that being gay was not a mental illness, that it was characterological, that is, it is related to personality and character. See 

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