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Monday, May 25, 2015

Braving the Day

by Lawrence Fox 

The air wafting into the room tastes so sweet.
It must have rained while we were asleep.

Please silence the clock and pull up the sheet.
I dread turning my eyes to face the bright;
It must have rained the whole night.

Rain sedates me like an infant cradlesong.
Please silence the clock a few hours long.

And then I will awake as I must
To run and catch the last morning bus;
And you will there remain asleep
And before I leave, I will pull up the sheet.

Did you enjoy this poem? Lawrence Fox has also written: Lament for Western Man, In Memory of James Foley 


  1. Absolutely! Great poetry. Will go through the links one by one. There's such a treasure to unearth...God bless his soul and God bless you Ma'am Susan and family.
    Warm regards and prayers
    Edwin Rodrigues

  2. Loved BRAVING THE DAY. Words have so much power! Through word-economy, so much can be conveyed in a poem. I loved the expression "air tasting so sweet". Can relate to it. It's the fragrance of life on Earth...when water showers kisses on her.
    Thanks for sharing the poem. Wish more people took/ got the time to relish poetry.
    Warm regards n prayers
    Edwin Rodrigues