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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Hardest Thing

By Christopher Ziegler

Learning how to be loved is the hardest thing I’ve done.
Not learning how to love, but how to be loved.

I was a failure—an undeserving fool. 
My life was a self-made wreck.

Yet, you loved me.

I wept with anguish—and you heard me.
You spoke a gentle word and gave a gentle touch.

When you touched me—my body sang with pleasures.
You delivered me from my misery—even my extreme misery.
You have loved me more than I ever loved myself.

Years of regret you washed away.
Whole decades of regret—are gone.
All my lonely nights are only memories now.

Christopher Ziegler can be
found @CZWriting 
I wish I had a heart that could love you,
The way you deserve to be loved.
I wish I knew a way to serve you,
The way you deserve to be served.

Let me pour forth my love for you
In every word spoken, in every thought thought,
In every deed done and in every day—until I die.

I cannot forget you—I feel you in my bones.

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1 comment:

  1. I will make that prayer, my own, now !! THANK YOU Christopher.