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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods, nor his life.

The upcoming election is a battle for the soul of the American people.

How many commandments of God do we break if we vote for Barach Obama? At least three.

I realize that may sound harsh to some people and I fully admit that John McCain is not perfect.
Nobody is perfect. Only God is Perfect.
However when I listen to the people on the radio explaining why they will vote for Barach Obama, I recognize a certain temptation.
Joe the Plumber tripped up Barach Obama this week when he got him to admit that he wanted to take money from some Americans and give it to others. Thou shalt not steal.
Some Americans think that they will be the recipient of that money because they feel poor. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods. The irony is that during the Clinton years, those people making $40,000 a year, who feel poor, paid much higher taxes than under President Bush. Those who try to steal from their friends and neighbors in this election will ultimately find Barach Obama has his hand in their own pocket. That's the way the sin of greed works. And really when Joe the Plumber can't afford to buy his plumbing business because of new taxes, neither can any waitress, seamstress, car salesman or school teacher in America.

The American dream is inaccessible to all Americans when taxes are raised. And no one has any incentive to make over $250,000 a year if they are not going to get to keep it. Therefore, there are tons of people Joe the Plumber won't hire if he is not able to acquire his plumbing business because of taxes.

But this is not the main commandment one breaks if he votes for Barach Obama. Barach Obama supports murder. That's right murder. Thou shalt not kill. And if you are hoping for money from the sky in an Obama presidency and you support Barach Obama, who favors abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, someday yours may be the life that is cut down before its time. For when the innocent do not have the right to life, no one does.

In Holland, a woman needed surgery, but didn't want to go to the hospital for the surgery for fear that she would be killed against her will in the hospital. Her doctor promised her, he would stay in her room all night to make sure she was not put to death. Everything worked as promised, but in the morning the doctor went to shower and shave, and when he returned someone else was in the woman's bed. He asked the nurse where she was, and the nurse replied that they needed the bed for someone else, so they had killed the woman.

In England, there is a well publicized case of a man who has a disease that will result in his becoming incapacitated before he dies. He fears they they will not supply him with fluids and a feeding tube at the end of his life, so he went to court to try and get the right to live when he was unable to speak for himself. The courts in England determined that he could not have that right. In fact, neither could his family. The courts said the doctors would make that determination. And recognize here that they have socialized medicine in England, so the state will save money if the state-hired doctors and state-run hospital decide to starve the poor sick man to death, a painful and horrible death, I may add.

What kind of monstrous culture has England and America bred in the last four decades? It's called the culture of death, and it is the fruit of abortion. When I was a young girl in the 1960s my mother argued passionately that if our country made abortion legal, euthanasia was not far behind. At the time, such an idea was ludicrous. No one could imagine it. But my mother died in 2001 of natural causes, but not before several doctors tried to hurry her out of this world. In fact, two weeks before her death, the doctors presented her with the option of just letting herself die. They used me and my stepfather to go into her room and say, "Mom, you can die of kidney failure now, and it's supposed to be a fairly comfortable way to go." My mother was 82, and had only one leg, and had come in to amputate the second one. But death was not on her schedule. She had miles to go and places to see, and things to accomplish. So she responded, "That is the most ridculous thing I have ever heard!" We had the hospital do everything they could to save her life, but in the end her heart failed. My mother's name was Tora, which is Norweigian for "tear drop." She enjoyed the last two weeks of her life immensely, believing that she would get better. When my son James and I prayed the Rosary over her, one eye was able to tear up and spill over. When we played religious music in her room (Simonetta on the Real Presence) , I walked back into her room while it was playing and one eye was watering excessively. At this point, she could not speak. And before that I brought in herbs from my garden, lush scents of basil, mint, oregano, lavendar, and this when she was more alert, she held them and breathed in the scents and appreciated them more than perhaps she had in her lifetime. At this point she had just recently become blind. Many people do not realized that we are not supposed to suppress, numb or cancel out our senses in order to grow in the spiritual life. In fact, our senses are to be sanctified, and used for God's glory. A tear spilled out of my mother's one eye for the last time on the afternoon she died when she realized she could not breathe anymore and on her face was a look I recognized. Years before whenever it rained in Washington State -- as it often did -- she would say, "Isn't God good?" She had appreciated life to such a degree that now -- at the end -- she truly regretted leaving it. That is a proper human response to death even when one believes passionately in eternal life, and has done everything possible to live one's life righteously.

The 10 commandments were summarized by Jesus into two. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with your whole heart, your whole strength and your whole being. And love your neighbor as yourself. Friends, keep Jesus Christ as your Messiah, and love your neighbor. Don't kill him, don't take his money. Vote for John McCain.

If you would like a good laugh see John McCain at the Al Smith dinner with the bishops last night:http://beltwayblips.com/video/mccain_at_the_al_smith_dinner/

If you want to witness the evil of abortion first hand, watch this video.
While this is very hard to watch, no one should go to the voting booth without seeing it.