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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Columbine Flower: Colorado loves me, it loves not

The Columbine is the State Flower in Colorado. It is also the name of a school which experienced a massacre in the 1990s; great suffering and loss of human life similar to what happened in the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, recently. Both events saddened us greatly. 

However, in response to the Columbine Massacre, a car license plate was created titled "Respect Life." A lovely Columbine flower is at the center of the plate, and money from the special purchase is supposed to be given to the victims of the Columbine Massacre.  

It turns out a number of pro-life persons, including ourselves, who oppose abortion as well as massacres,  have purchased the plate and placed them on their cars for the purpose of advertising a "Respect Life" message. This has brought consternation to Colorado residents who support abortion but oppose massacres. A totally odd position to take. What is most telling is that after the massacre no one advocated that the State of Colorado create a "Respect Choice" license plate. And for obvious reasons, since the shooters were exercising a choice.