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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thank You

By Christopher Ziegler

Learning to accept your love for me
Has required a leap of faith.
I cannot see why I am precious to you.

My whole life you guarded me
As a mother guards her child.
I was a thankless brat.

When I was broken you embraced me
And held me in your arms.
So I came to feel I was in your debt
And wanted to repay you.

But you wanted more.

You told me you wanted all of me—
To give myself to you completely.

I did not believe in a love like that
So you allowed me to walk away.
But immediately miseries crept into me
And I withered inside.
How can I merit your love? I feel vile.
My soul cleaves to the darkness.

Yet you were still chasing after my heart.

I open myself to you and your love pours into me.
You flood my body with waves of joy.
Your love is better than anything I ever wanted.
Your words, soft and earnest, give wisdom.
My heart swells with tenderness.

Author Christopher Ziegler 
I cannot see why I am precious to you.
All I want to do is thank you—thank you.

Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces from God 

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