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Thursday, September 8, 2022

A Mother Rejoices on Our Lady’s Feast Because Her Children Recovered from Covid-19:

She Celebrates Our Lady’s Birthday, Sept. 8, 2022 with the People of Vincenza, Italy 

By Phoebe Wise 

Our Lady of Monte Berico
I love this story about Our Lady of Monte Berico because the Virgin Mary chose to appear to an elderly person, a 70-year-old woman.  

She requested that the people build a church in that spot and promised to end the plague that had been killing people there in Vicenza for decades.  No one believed the poor woman, but she remained faithful, and when the Virgin appeared to her again two years later, the people — weary of the plague — finally believed and built the church.  It’s a beautiful shrine. People in Italy and around the world prayed to the Virgin to end the Covid-19 plague, and she did it:  the virus has weakened, and few people are dying from it anymore. 
Shrine of Monte Berico, Vincenza, Italy
But sadly many people have been killed and injured by these hideous vaccines, which are a cannibalistic sacrifice to Moloch.  They are a whole new pagan religion.    

The institutional church abandoned us in this plague. Instead of leading prayers and processions and telling the people to repent in dust and ashes, they shut down worship and mandated an evil potion that is killing people and destroying their fertility.  This is how you can tell the enemy has taken over most of the hierarchy.    

Do I sound like a doomsayer?  I’m just saying what I see.    

But nonetheless I am feeling great joy.  Our Lady of Monte Berico HAS  sent a cure for the plague of Covid — the weakening of the virus — but no one is acknowledging it.  

Instead, the governments and some of the churches are continuing to mandate and promote these deadly Covid shots because they provide great profits to the elite.  I cannot do anything about the evil elites of the world, but I can acknowledge Mary’s loving intercession.  I am just a 71-year-old woman, but I have the immense privilege of seeing what Our Lady the Queen of Heaven has done for us and thanking her.  I know that my guardian angel and my patron saints will augment my humble thanks and make it worthy for her.   

And more people are waking up to what a lie these shots are.  My daughter and son-in-law got the shots, but they have since realized they are worthless.  They got Covid over the weekend, and are still suffering the effects, but I am not worried about them dying from this plague, thanks be to God.  All glory to Jesus, and to Our Lady of Monte Berico for her powerful intercession.   

I am now praying to Our Lady that she will intercede for us to end a greater plague, which is the blindness of the people to the immorality, worthlessness, and physical dangers of these shots.  And all of that stems from lack of faith in God.  The people blindly put their faith in government and pseudo-science without following the moral law, which in medicine says, first do no harm.   

Test all remedies fully to make as certain as possible that they are safe and effective.  And of course, the most basic principle of all:  do not take innocent lives to save other lives.  Do not create medicines and lab procedures that require the cruel vivisection of tiny babies.  There can never be any justification for this evil. 

With everything we have been through in the past two and a half years, I am still feeling joy and thanks.  Our Lady got us through those dark times with her most Holy Rosary when we were abandoned by our bishops and clergy.  We never lost hope and faith; we knew that even if the virus took our lives, we were not abandoned by God.  And now He has sent a cure, thanks to Our Lady and the intercession of so many saints and angels.    

I am just wondering if God will raise up more widely recognized saints in this time.  I see many lay people fighting for truth and for human rights, and some of them are Catholic.  Many more are not Catholic or even Christian, but God is helping them to fight in the public square.  Among the bishops there are only a handful, who are fighting the insanity of an abortion-tainted vaccine.  

I think that this is the hour of the humble and unknown lay people like us.  We are not known or recognized, and speaking for myself, certainly not saintly, but we are resisting the lies and offering up our prayers, and thereby perhaps according ourselves to God’s Providence in some way known only to Him.  

I know one thing:  God always values prayer and thanksgiving, even from sinners.    I am happy because there is something I can do about the plague:  I can trust in Him and thank Him.  I am praying that our country will wake up to the lies and turn to God again.   

At the end of the story of Our Lady of Monte Berico it says that the people in thanksgiving for her protection during World War I promised to celebrate her birthday every year in a special way.  

Today is Sept 8, the Nativity of Our Lady.  I am wishing you and the rest of the world a very happy feast day of Our Lady.

 Read about the miracle of Our Lady of Monte Berico here: