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Thursday, September 19, 2013

California Legislature -- like the Nazis -- to force People of Conscience from the Medical Profession

by Lawrence Fox

California recently passed a bill that allows nurses, midwives and clinicians to perform early term vacuum aspiration and medicine induced abortions. This is in part due to the shortage of doctors willing to participate in the filthy procedure. 
The bill – if signed into law – will make having an abortion much more dangerous than it already is. Vacuum aspiration abortion is inherently dangerous to the mother, as the physician must blindly probe for the baby, according to the founder of National Abortion Rights Action League, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who is now pro-life.

The bill has additional diabolical purposes. California could not force the janitor, dietician, desk clerk, and intern to perform the filthy procedure since it was restricted by law to imbibing medical professionals. New York City also had a shortage of trained and willing abortionists. To remedy the situation, the poly amore Mayor Bloomberg attempted to force city medical institutions and students to participate in abortion training in order to receive accreditation. Ah, the dictators of choice.

Before long, there will be cases filed in which persons of conscience are forced out of the medical profession for not being willing to participate in the filthy procedure, which the drug addicted California legislature identifies as health care.

This legislative impetus is closely aligned with the imminent death panels written into the HHS regulations associated with the Affordable “Care” Act or Obama “Care.” Once the Government owns the medical purse strings, people of conscience will be faced with the dilemma: protect human life and moral dignity or seek employment somewhere else. There will be no middle option.

Pharmacists across the country were put in this position time and time again especially as it related to the distribution of the Prostitute Morning After Pill. Many were sued and or fired for not being willing to distribute the pill, especially to minors. This onslaught gave urgency to the development of the medical conscience clause. In due course, the chief socialist gang-banger Barack Obama moved to strike down the meaningful conscience clause put forth by the Bush Administration to protect ordinary people opposed to plain-old murder.

2006 HopNews.com
“A person of conscience (a Catholic) not willing to perform abortion, sterilization, etc. should seek employment somewhere else,” complained miscreant Democrat Martha Coakley, the opponent to Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts 2009/2010 Senate Race. She lost the election only by mistake, 52 to 47 percent.

As Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun. What was done now was done before.” In recent history, the German National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI) was booting people-of-conscience out of the medical profession so they could establish abortion and eugenic clinics, and then ultimately kill people in concentration camps.

We were asleep then, and we are asleep now. It is the same end game, same lies, and same culture of death under similar double-speak: social justice, equality, worker’s rights, freedom of choice, increased productivity, cost savings, re-distribution of wealth, and sustainability and managed care for the planet.


  1. Martha Coakley is running for Governor of my state, Massachusetts. I wonder if what she said is going to hurt her chances by her losing the Catholic vote or help them by drawing the liberal vote.

  2. I'm rather cynical about the Catholic vote. I don't think the Catholic electorate is informed. What she said will certainly resonate with the gay lobby. Susan Fox

  3. In 2010, the Catholic vote helped to defeat Proposition 2 Doctor Assisted Suicide. Without it, the bill would have passed easily. I was for it and still am. It provides the way that I would want to go out if I had less than six months to live.

  4. In Oregon, they passed physician assisted suicide largely because Catholics opposed it, and there apparently was a lot of anti-Catholic feeling there. It is sad such prejudice exists. But now they have a health care system supporting poor people. One poor woman had cancer, and could live just fine if she could get a drug that cost $4,000 a month. But the state of Oregon said that was too much money (the state provided her health care), and they offered her suicide drugs instead. So Doctor Assisted Suicide quickly devolves into forced euthanasia. There was a poor man in England, who had a disease that would make him incapable near the end of his life of expressing his wishes. He went to court to try get the federal government, which provided his health care, to agree to give him food and water during that future time when he was helpless. He lost. In England thousands of people die every year against their will because of poor health care, and I guess suicide drugs. When Terri Shiavo was being starved to death in Florida, she could drink water from a glass and swallow apple sauce. She did not have any terminal illness. She was simply handicapped largely because her husband refused to use the funds he got in her lawsuit to rehabilitate her. The courts put a policeman in her room to prevent her mother from giving her water. Dying by dehydration is a very painful process. It's not nice having your choice taken from you. But that's what government run suicide does, you may find yourself dying before you plan to! God bless you. Susan Fox

  5. I saw a documentary in Terri Shiavo and couldn't believe it. Her husband ended up with the money from the settlement and a new wife. That is not an example of death with dignity. My idea of death with dignity is to be allowed to get a prescription to end my life on my own terms. I would have to have a terminal disease with less than six months to live. This would be a much preferred alternative to a slow death over a long period.

  6. Dear Bill, Yes, but when you open the door to death with dignity, it means that someone else -- your spouse, your mother, your daughter, your doctor or the government -- could make the decision for you. It is an illusion they are giving you that you will have the choice. You won't. But it's already too late. Obama "Care" will make the decision for you. I heard they had a vendetta against a Republican who was implicated in seeing a prostitute so they put in a regulation saying anyone who has seen a prostitute is not eligible for getting health care. Aids, cancer, the common cold, if you have seen a prostitute, you have to live with it. Maybe they will change this reg in time, but the purpose of the bill is clear. This bill is a means of controlling the population. Susan Fox

  7. Susan,

    I have very rebellious feelings toward the Catholic Church. My last act of rebellion will be to die when I want, where I want, and in the presence of whom I want. Between church and the Knights of Columbus, I was told on no uncertain terms that I must vote No on Question 2. It only made me want to vote Yes, which I did. Unfortunately, the Catholic vote defeated it, which is another reason for me to resent the Church.

    Back in May, I actually made plans to end my life ....

    I no longer have any desire to check out early. But I still think it should be legal.

    It seems like a small miracle that she found the suicide note while looking for the ....

  8. Dearest Bill, I'm glad you didn't end your life. I really like you, and you have helped me in my apostolate immensely. I can understand you resenting being told something. My son suffers from my telling him things. I try not to.

    Maybe you should look into a different mental health counselor, one trained in EMDR so you can begin to really heal from your painful memories instead of suppressing the symptoms with drugs.
    I don't think your current mental health counselor really really cares for you. I think if he did, you would be in a different place emotionally. If he is prescribing the drugs, remember he doesn't really think he can help you in any way.

    It was no coincidence that she found the suicide note. You are beloved of God, and He arranged that.
    God bless you. Susan Fox

  9. Susan,

    Thank you for your advice. I read up on EMDR. I don't think that is what I need.

    I go to a psychiatrist about three times a year to get my prescriptions refilled and a woman psychologist once a month where I mostly describe my marriage and why I am so dissatisfied with it. I think the one thing I have missed since the death of my mother is a truly female partner. My mother was feminine. But my wife is truly liberated and has always undermined my position as man of the house. I think my resentment of that has had a huge impact on my life. Now that I am atheist and she is devoutly Catholic, it is hard for us to get along.

    I'm not sure how this will go if I insist on being atheist. It is really up to her. To me, my coming to the conclusion that there is no God is pretty much like the separation from God that believers see as being so terrible. It's not that terrible. But neither is it that great. Because I believed for so long and do not now, there is definitely a let down. We will see how it goes.

    I hope you don't mind my straying off the main topic to discuss this with you.

  10. No I don't mind Bill. But I think you should go to a Retrovaille Retreat with your wife if she will agree to it. http://www.retrouvaille.org

    And why don't you get your brain waves measured using neurofeedback? http://www.aboutneurofeedback.com
    Your suicide attempt was a cry for help. If you don't DO something about yourself, she may not find your letter next time. God bless you and love you. Susan Fox