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Monday, September 2, 2013

Barack Obama: A Shameless Marxist Ideologue

by Lawrence Fox

It has been postulated that we differ with U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama simply because the President’s policies are pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, anti-capitalist, anti-religious, and anti-gun ownership.  I suppose the gist of their argument is that credible opposition to Obama’s policies

requires more than 30 points of disagreement.  Maybe we would be more credible if we took umbrage with Obama’s prolific use of taxpayer’s hard-earned money to improve his golf swing or solo transport the family dog from place to
Our Fearless Leader
place, his lack of financial accountability as evidenced by the billowing government debt, five years of high unemployment, geometric increase in the level of food stamp distribution, lack of personal transparency, his disturbing support for the terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and blatant display of angst towards the American Flag and the recitation of the 

American National Anthem.

Be that as it may, I disagree with the initial proposition that a person like myself would never agree with a policy supported by Barack Obama. If it was reported, for example, that President Obama advocated the policy of washing one’s own hands after using the lavatory; I would certainly support him and that policy. Given the fact, that the Obama-fawning media has not reported on such a matter, I can only assume that Obama does not have an expressed opinion on the matter; or maybe worse and the fawning press is covering it up.

President Barack Hussein Obama is a pure ideologue, a person whose whole way of thinking is rooted in a Marxist materialist ideal without any introspection or debate.  President Barack Hussein Obama, while being idolized at Notre Dame University in May 2009 (see The Shame of Notre Dame University), stated that “Faith to be honest and sincere requires an element of doubt; the absence of total assent of the mind.” Barack was not talking about the concept of theological discovery, otherwise known as “faith seeking understanding.” No, Barack was pitting his materialistic ideology against a Catholic teaching formed by the marriage of Faith and Reason, which maintains that human life begins at conception.

I cannot recollect a single speech given by Barack Hussein Obama, which expressed an element of sincere dialogue (an openness to listen to someone else).  His entourage of friends, appointments to political positions, and his policies simply demonstrate a leftist myopia.

For example, of all the people he could have chosen in the United States as the head of the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS), Barack picked an excommunicated Catholic, the former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. The governor was privately excommunicated for her public advocacy for “abortion on demand;” and for her personal protection of the infamous partial birth abortionist and psychopath George Tiller. 

The Catholic Conference of Bishops never got a clue from the Sebelius appointment that Obama was telling them to stick their moral fortitude up their ordained “you know what.”  In other words, his speech at Notre Dame was completely insincere as it related to honest dialogue on “life issues.” The majority of Americans, who do not support abortion, were not credible constituents in Obama’s mind. “Women in order to be free and successful need ready access to contraception and abortion,” so argued the President.

Many pro-life Catholics were shocked that the same Catholic Conference of Bishops began to engage the President when he proposed the government takeover of health care.  Many Catholic bishops advocated for universal coverage even for those individuals who were in the country illegally, as long as the government respected the moral conscience of all healthcare providers.

They did not understand that President Barack Hussein Obama was a pure ideologue, inflexibly attached to his perfect Marxist society. Obama listened to none of it. He denuded -- by executive order -- the “Medical Conscience Clause” previously signed by President George W. Bush. Further, HHS Mandates within Obama Care demand that every institution’s medical plan – regardless of religious sentiments - participate in the funding of abortion, contraception, the morning-after pill, and sterilization.  Again, he basically said, “stick your moral fortitude up your…”  

The supposed Constitutional Law Student Barack Obama demonstrated either a complete ignorance of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution (Government shall not prevent the free exercise of religion) or he was arguing that elements of the U.S. Constitution are an impediment to something he believed to be universally greater, i.e. a Communist utopia.

 With the appointment of Kathleen Sebelius, President Barack Obama articulated the ideological notion that the injection of saline solution into a mother’s womb for the purpose of burning flesh off the unborn child was a form of health care. And he further articulated the notion that the horrific practice known as partial-birth abortion -- jamming scissors in the brain of a struggling partly born child -- was an integral part of health care. And to think that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development – sponsored by the Catholic Conference of Bishops – funded the community organizing activities of the once-youthful Barack Hussein Obama.

When President Barack Hussein Obama selected Judge Sonia Maria Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States, he argued “Sonia as a Hispanic and Female (redundant fact) would bring increased empathy towards minorities as a member of the Supreme Court.” For an alleged constitutional lawyer, the argument was sophomoric. What about a demonstrated ability to apply the original intent of the U.S. Constitution as a means of bringing justice to all segments of society? For Barack, everything is a class struggle. 

Karl Marx argued that the institutions which stood against the Communist utopia (the material kingdom of God as they called it) are Capitalism, The Church, and the Institution of Marriage. All
Karl Marx
three had to be exposed, ridiculed, and forcibly removed from the public square.
Once humanity no longer thought in terms of private ownership, life and ethics, and the traditional family as an integral part of self-identify, then humanity would be able to accept the ideal that the State is god – the arbiter of wealth, justice, human dignity and self-identity.

This Marxist ideology (dialectical materialism) is foundational with every position advocated by progressives (abortion on demand, universal health care, sodomy rights, earth first, equal pay for equal job, expanded roles for women in combat, condom and needle distribution, drug legalization, domestic partnership, etc.).  Polemics and policies advocating the government re-distribution of personal wealth, government universal mandated health care, ethics void of religious debate, and committed sodomy as a type of marriage are substantially Marxist in nature.

While running for President of the United States, candidate Barack was asked by a reporter: “When do you think human life begins?” Candidate Barack responded: “The question is above my pay grade.” In other words, there existed a void in Candidate Barack’s thought, making it impossible for him to rationally engage in one of the most important philosophical, ethical, scientific, and religious issues of the day.  In essence, there existed in Barack’s mind not an intuition, nor an opinion, nor an article of faith, nor personal knowledge nor understanding worth defending on the matter.  “Questions about the origins of human life are theological and all too personal to debate in the public square.” (Barack Obama)

And so religious persons may only have one valid position on life. And it must be ambivalent, relative, subjective, and personal even when the government dictates that they pay for it as with the HHS Mandate.

To assume that a man who attended both Columbia and Harvard University with a supposed emphasis in constitutional law never discussed or debated the matter is incredible. Candidate Barack Obama was either being disingenuous or his education was myopically free of any dialogue.

In contrast, Candidate John McCain was asked the same question, “When does human life begin?” He answered, “At the moment of conception.” President William Jefferson Clinton, who vetoed two partial birth abortion bans, was asked the same question. “Human life (personhood) begins when the physical body emerges from the woman and takes its first breath.”  

His argument was based upon a personal exegesis of Genesis 2:7: “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”  The maniacal press should have had a field day with his response. The president was publicly admitting that he made decisions on abortion based upon his personal biblical exegesis. So much for the sacred leftist cow known as “Separation of Faith from Politics.”  

On a similar note, Vice President Joseph Biden stated during the 2012 vice presidential debate, “I personally believe that human life begins at conception and I believe I do not have the right to impose my belief upon others.”  The maniacal press then had the right to ask, “Is it correct to conclude – based upon your remarks -- that every law and tax that you voted on was completely void of personal religious and moral conviction?”

And so candidate Barack --  whose mind is void of substance on the subject of human conception, gestation and personhood -- becomes president of the United States. Two days after being elected, Obama repealed by Executive Order, the Mexico City Accord, which restricted the use of taxpayer money to fund abortion activities around the world. For a man with no opinion on when human life began, why was he compelled to make us pay for the murder of the world’s unborn children?

President Obama then reversed a ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. He said taxpayers should fund increased embryonic stems cell research -- the art of bringing about a new human life and then destroying it for medical research – because science and not religious dialogue should be basis for such “medical” activities.

As every fool knows science makes no ethical judgments. The development of the atomic bomb was pure science. The assembly of gas chambers in Europe was pure science. The Jack Kevorkian machine of death is pure science.  The ability to bring about a conception using In Vitro Fertilization procedures and then bring about the child’s death is pure
Dr. Jack Kevorkian's Death Machine
science. Every human action has a moral consequence (good or bad). But what would one expect from a man who possesses no personal intuition, opinion, faith, personal knowledge nor understanding on the subject of human conception, gestation and personhood.

Deliberately obscured behind the stem cell fiasco is the simple fact that embryonic stem cell research has been conducted worldwide and in the United States for many years through private funding and with no discernible cures or promises.

The financially broke State of California passed a billion dollar bond measure to fund embryonic stem cell research when private monies began drying up. Private donators recognized they were throwing money into a black hole with no long-term results in sight.  California realized the number of viable embryos was disappearing. Young girls were being recruited and paid to ingest drugs for the purpose of forcibly ovulating so that eggs could be harvested and then inseminated in a petri-dish for ongoing medical research. What used to be “Girls Gone Wild” was now “Ovaries Gone Wild.” But ongoing adult and cord blood stem cell research has brought about discernible cures without any ethical quandaries.

So President Barack Obama -- who possesses not an intuition, an opinion, an article of faith, personal knowledge nor understanding on the matter of human conception -- immediately upon becoming president rules that American taxpayers must fund abortion and embryonic stem cell research. These are the actions of a pure Marxist Ideologue.  

Obama supported embryonic stem research because of his support for abortion. To support the one gives credence to the other. Adult stem cell research was already working. This form of medical science is notably morally, ethically, and scientifically sound. Anyone familiar with human transplants knows that the introduction of organs foreign to the host body requires the steady injection of anti-rejection drugs. Treatment using the host’s own adult stem cells or organs developed by their own adult stem cells does not require the use of anti-rejection drugs. Embryonic stem cells are not your own cells. They are the cells of someone else.

On the campaign trail, Barack mused, "When it comes specifically to HIV/AIDS, the most important prevention is education, which should include -- abstinence education and teaching the children -- teaching children, you know, that sex is not something casual. But it should also include -- it should also include other, you know, information about contraception because, look, I've got two daughters, 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby. I don't want them punished with an STD at the age of 16. You know, so it doesn't make sense to not give them information."

So let us see. Barack will teach his daughters about some form of chastity, and about contraception and condoms, which do not prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. The horrific truth is that the human papillomavirus – a sexually transmitted disease and a major contributor to cervical cancer  – is not prevented during sex by the use of contraception, the dental dam, nor the condom.

Barack (the father) essentially stated: “Daughters, if you are not going to be chaste, then at least pretend like you are wise and foolish at the same time.” The ideologue can neither guide his own daughters on purity nor provide the honest-to-God facts about the contraction of STDs. He leaves that up to Planned Parenthood, which profits from abortion. And what leads to abortion, promiscuity and false information about contraception.

Barack identified his two daughters as miracles.  So let us see, he is saying his daughters are miracles (an expression of personal faith) but his potential unplanned grandchildren are “instruments of punishment.”

Language is a powerful tool especially when used in propaganda. Former Illinois Senator Obama stated that unwanted children are mistakes and instruments of punishment. Hidden within the mumbo jumbo about sex education was the staple ideological diatribe: “Every child should be a wanted child and therefore abortion must be available and un-restricted.” This is the same argument the leftist Illinois senator and presidential candidate John Bayard Anderson made while debating candidate Ronald Reagan in the 1980 elections. Ronald Reagan adroitly responded, “Those who argue that position were obviously not aborted.”

During his first campaign, Barack told an audience that Middle America simply “clings to their guns and religion.” This gave rise to the expression the “bitter clingers” to mischaracterize the right. It seems Barack was upset that Middle America was not buying his message of “hope” and “change.”

How is a Marxist ideologue formed?

Imagine for a moment being dumped by a black father and then dumped by an anti-American white mother into the arms of a grandmother – whom you later identify as a “typical white person.”  Your formative years are fairly traumatic. Your pain and search for identify become a fertile field upon which Marxism and Class Struggle (jihad) are planted and take root. There is no doctrine of forgiveness in Marxism and the concept of Class Struggle. There is only submission to the State. Your mother takes you to a foreign land which possesses a language that also speaks of struggle (jihad) and submission (Islam). Only this time submission refers to a personage which commands its prophet to wage war (jihad) against infidels where ever he finds them. The ideological drum beat is well rooted and reaching out. Capitalism is evil. Christianity is evil. America is evil and the white man will never understand you. Truth is dialectical always changing and always moving towards a materialistic solution to all human suffering and forms of imagined injustice. The ends justify the means since there is no forgiveness. Justice is not that which supports virtue but a hammer which roots out inequality all over the land. Your ideology reaches maturity within various prestigious halls of higher education. You find your groove in the company you keep including: unrepentant terrorists and members of the Weather Underground, 20 plus years in an Afro-centered liberation church. You nurture relationships with family members that have ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. You have among your confidants a person who identifies the mass murderer Mao Tse Tung as a favorite political philosopher. In essence you surround yourself with people who share a common ideology that truth is dialectical always changing and always moving towards a materialistic solution to all human suffering and forms of imagined injustice. It is a  justice not rooted in virtue, but a hammer which roots out inequality all over the land. You are elected President of the United States and you tell the American people that through you, America will be completely transformed.

As such, I differ with President Barack Hussein Obama not because of this or that issue but because every action and word that he breathes flows from a destructive ideology. He is a Marxist Ideologue after all.


  1. I can't verify all the claims you make. I checked out one and it turned out to be false. So, I can't really trust any of your other claims. Kathleen Sebelius has not been excommunicated.

  2. Bill, I understand your confusion. She has not been officially excommunicated by Rome, but she has been told by her bishop that she cannot receive Holy Communion. It amounts to the same thing. Also anyone who procures an abortion or advocates for abortion on demand is automatically excommunicated. That is Church teaching.

    "In 2009, Archbishop Raymond Burke, prefect for the Apostolic Signatura, the highest court of the Catholic Church, also advised Sebelius that she should refrain from communion. This was in reaction, at least in part, to her veto as governor of proposed laws that would have limited abortions in Kansas. “After pastoral admonition, she obstinately persists in serious sin,” said Archbishop Burke." see http://cal-catholic.com/wordpress/2012/11/19/faces-of-the-american-holocaust-kathleen-sebelius/
    But you should be able to find other references to this event now that I've given you the context.

  3. If she was not "officially excommunicated" then it is misleading to put that adjective before her name. The rest of the article is just hate mongering against the President. He is not a Marxist. Besides, one cannot rightfully say that everything that Marx said is wrong. His intentions were right. He just underestimated human nature, which admittedly is counteracted by religion both in a good way and a bad way.

    The truth of the matter is that much of what Obama stands for goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church and it is the teachings that are wrong, not the President.

  4. I assure you you don't understand the meaning of excommunicate. Her excommunication would not be handled by Rome especially since her bishop took care of the matter. That is who we obey, the bishop of our diocese and not the US Catholic Conferences of Bishops. They have no authority. Her bishop told her she could not go to communion. That is the meaning of excommunicate. You cannot communicate -- you cannot receive communion. In the early church the way you recognized a neighboring diocese as being authentically Catholic is you brought the Eucharist from your diocese to their diocese. If it was not accepted, they were saying you are not in union with Rome, or vice versa. Some dioceses became Arian or adopted other heresies and whether your bishop would "communicate" with their bishop determined whether they were Catholic or heretics.
    But that is beside the issue. Barack Obama had no respect for the Catholic Church and its teachings or he would not have appointment Kathleen Sebelius. She is excommunicated, officially by her own bishop, and he is union with Rome.
    So you like Marx. I'm not surprised. God bless you. Susan Fox

  5. " In May 2008, Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann said that Kathleen Sebelius should stop receiving communion because of her support for abortion rights, and that she should not again take it unless she publicly stated that she opposed abortion rights"

    If that is what you consider "excommunicated" then fine. Have it your way. Karl Marx has been referred to as the father of modern sociology. All I am saying is that he cannot be totally dismissed just because some of his philosophies were misapplied or taken to extremes. I didn't say I like him. It doesn't matter whether I like him or not. He has made his mark on the modern world. Some of it good, some of it bad.

  6. Bill: I guess what to say to you after reading your tirade against Barack Obama is that somewhere deep down inside you there exist a bubble of hate, you should maybe do some soul searching, also maybe some deep mental thinking on the latest Pope Francis discussions that is published on this web site and do some deep soul searching on what you concentrate your thinking on, maybe a different pathway exploring love and all its positive attributes instead of such heavy negative thinkings that result in tearing down structures instead of building them up.

  7. Hi Anonymous,
    I apologize if you think Bill does not like Barack Obama. I can't speak for him, but from what I have heard of his comments he actually favors a number of positions that Barack espouses. Bill is a commentator on this blog. The person you are trying to castigate is probably my husband Lawrence Fox, who is blog co-author. Lawrence does not hate Barack Obama. He hates what Barack stands for -- his positions. He detests his positions. Why does he detest his positions? It is his charity. Lawrence sees the pain and suffering other people must go through because people in authority hold such detestable positions. That is the hate you are sensing. It is a hatred for that type of thinking. We would blame Satan for originating the thinking that we hate, and we would not hold an ignorant person responsible for his positions. Barack had a very difficult childhood. We do pray for him. It is up to God to judge. A person -- like say Hitler -- certainly did horrible things, but we hope at the last minute he converted. We hope everyone repents before the last second. We like St. Francis, who tried to save Satan from hell, and Abraham who interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah.
    God bless you for your charitable remark and reminder that our only enemy is the evil one. Susan Fox P.S. thank you for liking my article on the Pope.

  8. Anonymous,

    It may be more prudent to ask the obvious:

    Identify what in the story is evidence of hate?

    The content of the story is objective and demonstrates the fact that an ideologue was voted into the White House who is promoting the culture of death.
    Lawrence Fox