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Saturday, November 11, 2023

The Mark of Cain: A Pro-Lifer’s Nightmare

(If you have had an abortion, please do not read this.Seek God’s forgiveness and live in His love.This is a journey that must be made by Americans who mourn the loss of our children.)

By Susan Fox

I was in a large room full of metal buckets. I looked down.

In the first bucket was a dead baby covered in cockroaches. I drew back in horror. 

The second bucket, the same. Third, fourth bucket — all dead babies with looks of sorrow on their little faces. All they wanted was to be loved. I thought this is our waste. We are like the Jews when they sacrificed their children to the god Moloch. Our guilt is choking us. 

I looked around. There were thousands of buckets. Surely, I did not need to look in every one? But there was whimpering in one of the buckets and it was clear that at least one baby still lived. So began a night of horror, where I was forced into staring into endless buckets of death…. “Dear Lord can You not spare me this dream?” I asked God while I was still asleep.

Our Land is awash in blood.

The voice of our children’s blood cries out from the ground to God. Is He offended? Oh yes. “62 million,” the sign reads at Church, “Never again.” But the killing fields stretch out still into several states, dooming their futures. Do you remember what happened to Ohio? Hawaii was a very pro-abortion state. Its children were sent home from school during a fire and unprotected they burned to death. Only the Catholic Church was spared. 

And you know what happened to Cain, a farmer. When he tilled the ground, it no longer bore fruit. He was terrified, and begged God for protection unless everyone seek to kill him. So God put a mark on Cain for protection. 

We must have forgot to pray for protection, and no mark was offered to us. Instead our borders bleed invaders. Everyone seeks to destroy the U.S.  In the Southwest, it’s not safe to stop at a gas station at night any longer. Our cities are infested with drug addicts living on the streets. It’s not safe for children to walk to school any longer.  The 10 commandments have been removed from the courthouse, leaving us with no instruction on how to act. It is a punishment to be ignorant of our sins. That’s why Moses threw down the first set of the 10 commandments when he witnessed his people worshipping the Golden Calf. 

We are threatened with war. China makes our drugs (I won’t even buy fish raised in China.) Rioting takes place in the streets. The government pays for satanic exhibitions down town. Children are exposed to indecency at the library and in public due to gay pride.

The government is run by sociopaths who steal our money to feed it to war, leaving Ukraine with an entire generation of young men killed. Our children are trafficked by the same people. WHO tries to by-pass local government and take over the world themselves. Few in Britain are shocked. Innocent Jews are murdered in their homes after Joe Biden gives $6 billion to Iran. Israel will use this excuse to exterminate Christian Palestinians.

God, we cry out to you like the Israelites did in the psalms. Mercy, Lord, Have Mercy!  We have spilled blood.The land seeks its revenge. At least give us a mark.

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