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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Another Boy"

By Christopher Ziegler

Editor's Note: The fourth undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress ends with the words "Another Boy!" as Planned Parenthood technicians search in a petrie dish for usable parts of an aborted baby.

Unwanted. Unnamed. Unloved.
Your Mom did not accept you.

Denied. Feared. Forgotten.
Your Dad did not protect you.

Ridiculed. Dissected. Disposed.
They did not see your humanity.

No one gave you a chance at life.

But He who wore a crown of thorns—
He saw your humanity.

He who, like you, died naked
And forsaken—
He gave you a name.

He who was abandoned
And betrayed—
Did not forget you.
He did not leave you.

The Author of Life
Died with you—

Did you enjoy this Piece? Mr Ziegler has written prose pieces on abortion also. Maybe you would enjoy To Be Human or Not to Be: That is the Question About Abortion

Or another poem on abortion: The Choice by Susan Fox 


  1. A truly beautiful poem. It breaks my heart truly! Something so very wrong with this whole thing. Human infants cut up, sold, discarded, all so very troubling that this could happen.

  2. Dr. Mary Gatter
    was coy and even joked amid the chatter,
    but her haggling over the price of a baby's heart or liver
    made me shiver.

    Dr. Mary Gatter
    treated it as a laughing matter,
    but sell enough baby parts, even that teenie,
    and you might afford a Lamborghini.

  3. What a poem, beautiful but tears begging. Forces of darkness in pro-abortions are death row to innocent lives. The world has strayed afar from the path of life to choose that that leads to death.