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Sunday, October 5, 2014

NEW RED SHIRT VIDEO: Developments in Speaking About Homosexuality

(Editor's note) The new wave of Catholic apologetics on the issue of same sex attraction will have to do with identity. That is, it will be possible to help people distinguish same sex attraction and same sex identity as two separate things. Then people will be free to choose an identity of personhood or relationship to God instead of concluding, "I'm gay" or "I'm straight." Such a chosen identity has consequences which can be negative. But many don't realize that even experiencing same sex attraction, they can choose to be a "person" or a "child of God."  Susan Fox

If you would like to explore this issue further, please read: 
The New Evangelists: Bringing Christ, A Light to All People Who Experience Same Sex Attraction

Also there are other videos on this blog from the Red Shirt: "GAY? The Catholic Church Loves You Too!! My Testimony
Three other Red Shirt videos are available at Jason Evert's  The Chastity Project under "Testimonies."

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