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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unrestricted Abortion Comes to Colorado: DEMOCRATS PROMOTE VICE

Regarding proposed Colorado Senate Bill 175 that would create a fundamental right to abortion and reproductive healthcare.
Addressed to: 
   * Governor John Hickenlooper

   * Lt. Governor Joseph Garcia
   * Secretary of State Scott Gessler
   * Attorney General John Suthers
   * Senator David Balmer
   * Representative Spencer Swalm

To all concerned,

It seems the time has finally arrived in which Democratic leaders within all branches of Federal and State Government spend each waking moment promoting the "Culture of Death." 

It seems the time has arrived in which those of us unable to live an integrated life continuously insist that such leadership  promote “our” personal form of vice. And the response from Democratic leadership has never been so positive on all levels. 

Will it never stop?

It seems Democratic leadership has nothing better to contribute to the common good except more “rights to abuse” including: abortion on demand, contraception, sodomy, infanticide, polygamy, prostitution, dope, and so-called "death with dignity." With such glee, these things are promoted while diminishing the moral conscience of others.

Democratic leadership has become so solipsistic that in spite of the scientific and commonsensical evidence, it cannot grasp the objective truth that developing human life begins at conception, that an unborn child experiences pain at 20 weeks and that partial birth abortion is infanticide. It seems Democratic leadership on all levels are little more than Kermit Gosnell cheerleaders.

What was the Democratic response to his house of horrors?
  • “He did not keep a clean abortion clinic!” 
  • “A woman died in the abortion clinic!” 

Of course a woman died. And so did hundreds of little girls and boys. And so did the hearts of those woman led to the abortion clinic by the active persuasion of Democratic leadership. 

What did the Democratic President say, “I will not punish my daughter with an unwanted child.” That's how to murder your grandchild to prevent your child from being inconvenienced.

Day by day, this post modern sickness grows -- even to the point that Democratic leadership values sodomy as a “good.” Yes, the termination of unborn children and the ingestion of fecal matter have both become enshrined in the hearts of Democratic Leadership -- with no shame.

The proposed SB 175, Colorado's Freedom of Choice Act, is  an example of extreme legislation that would have a destructive impact on Colorado's ability to live an integrated life. The bill will eliminate a broad range of laws including: parental notification laws, parental involvement laws, laws promoting maternal health, government programs and facilities that pay for or promote childbirth and other health care without subsidizing abortion, conscience protections laws, laws requiring that abortion only be performed by a licensed physician, laws regulating school health clinics, laws concerning abstinence education, laws affecting pregnancy centers. These are the real reasons for the promotion of SB175.  Democratic Leadership is bored with anything that  which does not include the death of an unborn child.

It is my hope that the above is not going to be enacted.

Vote like humans created for the Seventh Day, so that justice becomes once again the promotion of virtue, not the acceptance of vice.


Lawrence Fox

Postscript from Susan Fox. Holy Thursday, April 17, 2014

A firestorm of public dissent led by the Roman Catholic Church caused Senate Democrats to scuttle SB 175, which would have imposed the most liberal abortion law in the nation on the state of Colorado. Colorado was clearly targeted to lead the nation in unrestricted abortion, paving the way to more liberal laws in other states. 

The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), which  supported the Colorado Reproductive Health "Freedom" Act, said "It's time to make sure Colorado stops attacks on reproductive health care once and for all," adding that they wanted to ensure pro-life protections "don't see the light of day." 

The law would have eliminated parental notification of a child's intent to have an abortion, conscience protection for health workers, and torpedoed abstinence education. 

"The potential scope of the bill is vast," said Denver Catholic Archbishop Samuel J Aquila. "And it's ability to keep crucial information from women in difficult situations, to throw away those children who are inconvenient or unwanted, is equally worrisome." 

He added that it would have prevented legislators from enforcing laws requiring an ultrasound before an abortion, waiting periods for those considering an abortion and thrown out health code regulations for abortion facilities. Parents could have lost the ability to opt their children out of public school classes on "reproductive health."  It was defeated.   Colorado Senate Democrats Spike Abortion Bill

In response to our protest of SB 175, we received the following cordial handwritten note from our Colorado Senator David Balmer, a Republican. 

"Mr. and Mrs. Fox,
Thank You for your voicemail. As a pro-life conservative, I am very opposed to Senate Bill 175. I'm honored to serve you at the Capitol. Thanks again. Respectfully, David."

I almost fainted with joy! We will continue to support his great man. 

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