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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meanwhile in Russia….

by a Blogger Who Experiences Same Sex Attraction

I am a person who has been permitted same-sex attractions (the world would like to label me as “gay”). It seems that I am expected to support the anti-Russian Olympic campaigns, which are spreading across the western world in a viral fashion. Even Google had gotten into the mix on opening day and the first image millions of youth saw when they fired up their browser was an image aimed at affirming not just ”human rights” but also a particular type of identity. The rainbow symbolism today means far more than simply being honest with ourselves about the existence of our sexual attractions and or inclinations, for those have been packaged as one with the notion of how we should self-identify and define ourselves. That is, the rainbow symbolism in this context reinforces a particular way of anchoring our self-concept – which extends far beyond the matter of simply being honest with ourselves about the existence of any particular type of sexual attraction and or inclination that we might experience.
For this reason, if I want to be honest with myself and how I understand the world, I must oppose the ideology represented by the rainbow symbolism (in this context). I must oppose all who promote this rainbow ideology, albeit I hope to do so in an invitational manner such that people might see beyond the surface of this topic. I realize that I will likely be condemned for sharing my voice, even though I am the one giving the invitation to grow. Many people will not want my voice to be heard, and I will likely be discredited and labeled a hateful bigot.  If that is not upside-down, I don’t know what is.  However, to those who are open to considering what I have to say (even if you disagree), I sincerely thank you for your openness. Also I wish to be very clear that my voice is not directed to condemn any individual person, but rather is directed towards elevating the conversation on this topic by examining the fruits of this particular collective movement.

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  1. It is so sad that this person seeks to define his sexuality by the act of sex, because if he did not, he would acknowledge the true nature of Russia's anti-gay laws. Instead he falls into the captivating notion that being gay is about sex. Indeed it is not. it is about love and relationship. And all love by gays and lesbians, whether they are chaste or not, is abhorred and condemned by the Putin law. So indeed Russia should be condemned for the hate its law imposes and for the tacit encouragement of the persecution that has ensued - on those who are gay or perceived as being gay.

  2. Dear Melanie,
    It might simply be beyond what you are ready to grasp at this time. This may sound harsh, but your comment reflects the paradigm of reality that suggests we should be labeled according to our sexual attractions and or inclinations. Unfortunately, that way of thinking is so firmly entrenched, that it goes unnoticed, and becomes the standard lens by which we see the world. It really breaks my heart to see people talk about this topic in a way that shows no clarity between attractions experienced and identity embraced. It's as though that falsehood has been forged onto their soul. All I hope for is that people grow in their understanding and open their minds to reflecting greater degrees of truth in how they speak about this manner. If people did that the sexually-centered labels would fall by the wayside, for they are not capable of reflecting an accurate depiction of who anyone truly "is".
    Signed, the author of this piece.

  3. Thank you for this article! Thank you for standing up for Truth no matter what! This is exactly what Jesus has been asking us to do, 200 years ago, and in his modern apparitions now. To see the modern messages about these issues of compromised Truth in the modern world and more: www.holylove.org

  4. As to the first comment, and I mean no harshness, 'tis foolish to attempt to counteract brilliance with ignorance. You have my prayers, for Truth and Joseph.