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Friday, August 23, 2013

Is God punishing the United States?

by Susan Fox

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter
and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Abraham Lincoln

We just had a fascinating five post argument about the consequences homosexual acts, same sex attraction and gay marriage. As a result, I noticed that we picked up a look see from someone in Norway researching Lesbian activists. Norwegians are always welcome here regardless of gender or orientation, and we have a translation gadget on the right if you care to use it. 

But one of the comments on the last post on Gay Marriage mentioned that  the United States  faced sacking by a foreign military power sent to us in judgement.   And Bill S., who was my dialogue partner on the last five posts,  took exception to that terminology because he feels the U.S. is going into debt trying to help the poor. And God should reward us for that. Except Bill says he doesn't believe in God.

It is very common for Christians to throw about the term of "God's punishment," and I have  done so myself as well, but the question of God's "punishment" isn't so cut and dried, because God usually "punishes" us by giving us what we want. And God doesn't see it as a punishment, but as a gift. God has given us the gift of free will. He will never take it away. Yet despite some of our destructive choices, God has come -- by his own words -- that we might have LIFE and have it abundantly. The Holy Spirit is the Lord and Giver of Life!

God doesn't send people to hell

Surprisingly, I know a lot of people think Christians believe that God sends certain people to hell for their sins, but He actually doesn't! Nope, He accepts their will. Hell is the absence of God and if someone doesn't want to be with God, and they die with that firm decision, then they are allowed to live for all eternity without God, and that is what hell is. Pope John Paul II said heaven, hell and Purgatory are not a place, but a state of being.  We live in those states even now, so we suffer the consequences of the state we chose.  

In the last post, I told the story of how I received a gift when I was a child -- a blond doll. I became quite incensed, and insisted I wanted a red-headed doll instead. The woman who had made the doll was hurt, but she kindly said she would go and change the hair  color of the doll. When the doll was returned with the red hair, what had been a beautiful blond doll was now extremely ugly. I realized I had been ungrateful, and I was horrified by what I had done, and as a consequence I never could play with that doll. It sat on the shelf in my closet for many years untouched, a reminder of my own ingratitude.

Now, did God punish me by giving me a red-headed doll? Certainly not. I was punished by my own selfish will. God gave me exactly what I asked for.  

We recently saw a flyer for a order of nuns, having to do with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Now, some of you may be shocked to know there are women masquerading as nuns, who say their own "mass" without a male Catholic priest. The advertisement for this order showed crystal glasses of red wine and a number of female hands laying on the altar. Clear message: "Male priests not allowed." The clothing of the women (not in habits) also showed dress associated with the gay lifestyle.

Now some women have been excommunicated for saying "mass" after phony female ordinations. It is strictly forbidden, and women will never be allowed to be priests because Jesus

made that decision 2,000 years ago, and He wasn't some idiot subject to his culture. He treated women like he treated men -- equally as children of God. Mary Madeleine is called the apostle to the apostles because she was the first to see Him after the resurrection and brought the good news back to the apostles.  Because priests are to be another Christ and Christ was male, Jesus ordained men, who ordained men, who continue to ordain men. That is the Deposit of Faith.

But God allows some women, who have no respect for Church teaching, to say their own "mass." They receive what they want. They say "mass." But do they receive the fruit of that Mass? Do they receive the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ?!? Absolutely not. I can wave my fingers over unleavened bread until I'm blue in the face, but I am not an ordained Catholic priest, and so it will remain, well, just bread.

So what is the punishment for the nuns who "say" mass? They get to say "mass" but it's meaningless because they are denied the fruit of the Mass --- Jesus Christ. How ironic that a group of women, ostensibly devoted to the Precious Blood, are completely unable to obtain it because they will not allow a priest to say Mass for them. Is God punishing them? No. He is giving them what they want. 

10 Commandments Removed from the Public Square

One of the most telling experiences we had in the United States that showed we are close to disaster was when a federal judge ordered Alabama Judge Roy Moore to

remove a 5,200 pound granite Ten Commandments monument from the lobby of the Alabama Judicial Building. Judge Moore refused to obey that order, saying it was unconstitutional, but he was removed from office, and so were the 10 Commandments! This was 2003.

God gave the United States what it wanted. We wanted the 10 Commandments removed from the public square and we got it! This, however, is a very bad sign. When Moses first was given the 10 Commandments, God Himself wrote them on stone. However, when he came down from Mount Sinai, the Jewish people were worshipping the golden calf, and seeing their idolatry, Moses  threw the stone tablets down and broke them. 

Now what happened here? The punishment for idolatry was to continue in idolatry without the knowledge of God's law. So if you don't want the truth, then your punishment will be to never know the truth. You get what you want.

Some of the people repented and Moses again went up to Mount Sinai to talk with God, but the second time God's own finger did not inscribe the commandments in stone. Moses had to take dictation from God. Moses himself wrote the 10 Commandments in Stone the second time. (Second Best)

Now Judge Roy Moore was reelected in 2012, but he promised not to bring back the 10 Commandments, so they seem to be forever lost from our country now. 

Barack Obama brought a severe economic decline

Since Barack Obama ostensibly was voted in as president in 2009 (only six years after the 10 Commandments were removed from the public square), the country has suffered a severe economic decline. Poor people have suffered the most. The unemployment rate among black adults is over 18 percent, for black youth it's over 41 percent. Most of the young college graduates during these years are unemployed and living at home. One out of three young people graduating during the Obama "Administration" are living at home -- many not working. 

The Obama economy has created nothing but part time work. And it's getting worse. In a recent story, the woman's clothing store Forever 21 has sent a memo to employees saying their hours will be reduced to 29.5 a week -- just under the 30-hour full time designation assigned by the so-called "Affordable Care" Act, which requires companies who employ 50 or more workers to provide health insurance for their full-time employees.

It's not clear how many of Forever 21's 30,000 employees will be affected by this change, but  the affected positions include the sales and stocking staff, janitors and cashiers. Who else is there? New part-time workers who were enrolled in medical, dental and vision will see their coverage cut off on Aug. 31.

This is just the beginning as Obama "Care" is being rolled out. UPS just announced it is cutting health insurance for working spouses of employees.

What has changed for the better since Barack Obama was elected? Nothing. He gave us health care that is going to cause most of us -- with health care --  to lose health care. If the government offers it, everyone will be given the opportunity to end their life instead of receiving treatment. What kind of health care kills the people it is supposed to care for?

The Middle East has become  a powder keg. Thousands of innocent refugees are fleeing Syria. Egypt is caught up in a civil war because Barack Obama supported the oh-so-innocent Muslim Brotherhood. Once the Egyptians threw off the yoke of this evil group, our president is threatening to cut off aid to Egypt!  

Benghazi: A Punishment or Result of Our Own Choices.

The head of the CIA is openly Muslim. Either members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the CIA and the State Department, and have caused the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, or our government is being run by incredibly stupid people, who can't save the life of one ambassador and three other Americans, when they are attacked by Al-Qaeda forces within easy reach of American planes and firepower. Either way, is that a punishment from God? No, it is the fruit of our own choices.  Americans picked Barack Obama and his death dealing policies.

While New York Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner is busy
getting into trouble for sexting online, the real story is that his wife is a former top aide to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, but she also has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood
Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin,
 talking to Hilary Clinton 
(brother, mother, father). I know the liberal media regards this as a conspiracy theory, but the sources on this story are Muslim, and easily found online Weiner's in-laws and their connection to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Abraham Lincoln predicted that the United States will never be taken over by a foreign power from without, but if we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed  ourselves. It's interesting that the last couple of years has been marked by attacks on religious freedoms and gun rights. The current administration is trying to limit who will be free to practice religion and who won't. My local Catholic grade school received an exemption just in time from the mandate requiring they provide abortion and birth control to their employees -- part of Obama "care." But a Christian business, Hobby Lobby, is still fighting for their religious freedom in court. 

But more frightening is the idea taking hold that religious people don't have the right to express themselves in public. When I was commenting online recently,  I quoted a Roman Catholic bishop speaking against gay marriage. Certain people reading this opinion said the bishop in question should keep his mouth shut, except on the pulpit. Now isn't that interesting? Since President Lyndon Johnson, Catholic priests and Protestant pastors have been afraid to speak openly about politics from the pulpit for fear they will lose their tax exempt status with the IRS.

I myself was recently unfriended on Facebook by a cousin I grew up with because I mentioned the articles I  wrote on the Gay Agenda. Admittedly, he was just responding to criticism from his ex-wife, "What sort of bigoted crap is posted on your wall in this hateful blog?" This is what Pulitzer Prize winning poet John Berryman called, "The roar of the ex-wife."

But my cousin, while claiming he believed in free expression, suggested I find a more productive way to express my faith, such as championing starving children. 

Again, he is saying, "Stay on the Reservation. Don't make waves." 

His attitude is no different than that of the American media. I have never read, nor seen so many people with their heads buried in the sand. I was walking through the gym the other day and heard a female commentator on television making excuses for Barack Obama's actions. I stopped and shouted at the television, "And do you think I believe you?!"  The janitor tried to console me. 

The punishment for idolatry is to continue in idolatry without the knowledge of God's law. So if you don't want the truth, then your punishment is to never know the truth.

Is God punishing America? Or are we punishing ourselves?

You decide.


  1. Good article.

    Yes. It is true. I am a Catholic who no longer believes in God but I see a lot of good in Catholicism for what it does for those who practice it. Also for those who are helped by the charitable works of Catholics.

    I did not and would not say the God should reward this country for going in debt trying to help the poor because I do not believe in God.

    What I am trying to say is that this country's biggest problem, its national debt, is as a result of it trying to help people by spending money that it doesn't have. It can get out of debt simply by insisting that people take care of themselves and not rely on the government. I'm not saying that this is what the government should do but that, if you want to find fault with this country, the biggest fault is that our government spends money that it doesn't have in an effort to help people.

    Medicare is bankrupting us. Aid to other countries is increasing our own debt. Our biggest problem is that we don't know how to say "no". All I am saying is that, if there were a God, this country is not in trouble because of anything we are doing that would offend him.

    We are a benevolent country. That is both our best asset and our worst liability.

  2. "So if you don't want the truth, your punishment is to never know the truth".

    Good point. I find it interesting what believers consider to be the "truth". For the most part, I find the exact opposite to be the real truth.

  3. Bill, the truth is independent of both of us, but whatever it is, your punishment -- should you chose to reject truth -- is never to know it. God bless you. Glad we agree on this one. Susan Fox

    1. What do you mean: should I choose to reject truth? Why would I reject truth, unless you mean your concept of truth? I reject the Bible as being the truth. Does that mean that my punishment will be to never know the truth?

  4. Dear Bill, First, let me be clear I wasn't talking about you personally. I should have used the pronoun "one." If one rejects the truth, one's punishment will be to never know the truth. Now you have a very interesting mind. I think that's why I enjoy talking to you. You see the truth as being my concept of truth or your concept of truth. But if I speak of Truth, it is not an opinion. It is a Person, Jesus Christ. So yes, the nuns in this article rejected the Truth, i.e. Jesus Christ in the Mass, and as a result they will not have Jesus Christ. God gave them what they wanted. It could be said that you, also, Bill have rejected God (you say you don't believe in Him), therefore, you will get what you want. You will not have God. My opinion is that you are rejecting the beautiful blond doll in exchange for the red haired (ugly) doll. But that is an opinion. The Truth is independent of what I think. Now you don't consider that a punishment, do you? And you don't see yourself as rejecting God because He doesn't exist. You see yourself (your opinion) as rejecting falsehood (except that you have noticed good fruit in the lives of people who accept this falsehood.
    However, I would consider that a punishment, and that is an opinion. Truth is entirely independent of my opinion or your opinion. It is the Person of Jesus Christ. I know you probably don't agree with me, but defining our terms allows us to communicate, so you know what I mean by "if you reject the truth, your punishment is not to know the truth." If you want to put it on a very natural level. Think of the child who wants to put his hand in the fire. His mother tells him the fire will hurt. The child rejects the truth (not an opinion), and indeed he is burned. His punishment was the consequence of rejecting the truth. God bless you. Susan Fox

  5. This "Truth" with a capital "T" is a real problem. I am certain that it does not exist. People who believe in it get a kind of false sense of security that makes them feel good and often do good and usually live pretty good lives. But it also causes them to take the wrong political stands on some controversial issues like abortion, gay marriage, contraception, in-vitro fertilization, stem cell research, etc.

    The writer of the Gospel of John has Jesus identify himself to Martha as "the Truth, the Way and the Life". That was written with the express purpose of convincing people to believe. I don't accept it as being true in any way, shape or form.

  6. Agreed Bill. You regard it as an opinion, but as in the case of whether the fire will burn you or not, there is objective truth. The fire does burn, it doesn't matter what opinion you have. I almost feel like Mulder in the X Files, "The Truth is out there." Why don't you search it out. There is a Person, and He can prove His existence if you just ask Him. If you never search for Him, you will never find Him, and therefore you prove my thesis that those who refuse Truth will never know Him. God bless you. Susan Fox

  7. Susan,

    I leave "Truth" with the capital "T" to you and your fellow believers who want it to mean a particular person who lived 2,000 years ago. The real truth is way more complicated and we learn a little more of it every day if we make an honest effort to do so and do not let religion get in the way of that learning. The bottom line is that the "Truth" believers are becoming a nuisance when it comes to issues like abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc. The more annoying they become, the more they're just going to be ignored.

  8. Dear Bill, YOu have said that people who have faith seem to live a better (more good?) life, and they seem to exude a certain confidence. The difference, Bill, is that the person of faith doesn't have an opinion. Once he or she begins a relationship with Truth, they know. They understand. You can't live a good life believing in a lie. It's logically impossible. And once you meet and know the Person of Christ, you know Him like I know my husband or my cousin -- even deeper and more relevant. It is a relationship with a Person. The Person is real. It's not an opinion. I have lots of opinions, but KNOWING Christ is not one of them. It's like the fire. It does burn regardless of my opinion. It is real. You, Bill, you have opinions, loads of opinions. But that's all. I have much much more. And you are invited to share my knowledge of Him, all you have to do is ask Him. He will do the rest.
    You and your comments are always cordially welcome here at Christ's Faithful Witness. God bless you. Susan Fox

  9. "I have lots of opinions, but KNOWING Christ is not one of them. It's like the fire. It does burn regardless of my opinion."

    The fire does burn. That can be proven empirically. You think you know something that cannot be proven empirically. There is a big difference. What you have is faith. That's the best you can do.

  10. But faith is not an opinion. Bill, I don't have an opinion that you exist. I know you exist, and while I've only communicated with you by internet, if someone were to say to me, "Bill doesn't exist," I would defend your reality with all my strength. Just as I would defend the existence of fire. Constantly, I know what God is thinking. He reveals HImself to me. I don't have visions. I don't hear voices. I see what happens in my life, and through the events of my life, He speaks more loudly and definitively than you do.
    I reflect on these events in His Presence. I read His Scripture, this is the mind of Christ, and it confirms what I experience in my own life.

    I have a Japanese Shinto friend, a very good friend. She believes in 886 different gods (with her mind). She accidentally received the Holy Eucharist at my mother's funeral Mass (the Real Presence of Jesus). Tears began to fall from her eyes, and she was crying. Understand, she had no idea what she received, she just knew she wanted it and she got it. Afterwards, I asked her Yuriko, what happened? And she said receiving the Eucharist was just like the times she went seeking her god at the Shinto Shrines in Japan. She said she went to meet God, and He came to meet her. So He came to meet her in the Eucharist too. God is the Father of mankind. He doesn't just love the Catholics. In fact, I think he loves the Shintos even more. For how could a woman who in her mind thought there was 886 gods, who got upset if I squished a bug, how could she approach God in two different places (not understanding who He was or what He was) and actually meet Him except that God knew his child was coming to Him and He went out to meet her. Ask Yuriko, who is still a Shinto, is there some kind of god, and she would say, "Yes, I've met Him." ( the caps are mine). Would it be an opinion? Absolutely not. She has positively connected with God. And so can you by the same means. Reach for Him. Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. Bill, take the step.

    But Bill, let's assume it is a false opinion for argument's sake. If you seek Him, and you don't find Him. Then no harm is done, is there? It's no skin off your nose. Just a little time. But if you seek Him with your heart, and you find Him, the reward is precious, it is nothing less than eternal Life! Not death, Life! Please try now. God bless you. Susan Fox