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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fooled Again: Citizens of the United States

by Lawrence Fox

"We won't be fooled again" so goes the song.  There was a question on Facebook comparing President George W. Bush and  President Barack H. Obama.

To some degree the previous leadership led to the subsequent psychotic leadership which we now have under the socialist gang-banger President Obama. There were eight years of war with almost non-stop cynical press and for the majority of Americans, they were tired of it and wanted out. President George Bush could never convey the real seriousness of the war on "jihad" and the fact that like all wars -- the message is more important than the bombs. 

(Editor's Note: To be fair to President Bush, the media actually stopped covering his speeches. As a former news reporter from the Carter/Reagan era, what the press did to President Bush is disgraceful. Never before in history did the press fail to cover everything said by the president. Now Barach Obama drones on endlessly with empty catch phrases and every word is covered and even defended by the so-called mainstream press. Back to Lawrence:)
Instead the mantra was “Islam is a religion of Peace.” If there was one statement which is categorically a misnomer, it is that statement. Tell that to the murdered Quraysh and Jewish tribes slaughtered by Mohammed. Tell that to the poets Asma bint Marwan and  Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf, who were assassinated at the instigation of Mohammed. Tell that to the conquered  Kuwaiti tribes , who were later forcibly converted when Mohammed died.

Tell that to all the peoples who were living in the lands now known as Turkey, Syria, Egypt, and all across Northern Africa who were murdered and enslaved by the message of “Jihad.”  Tell that to the millions of Muslims who have been put to death as a result of the continuous Islamic civil war (since the 8th Century) stemming from the envy and bitterness of Mohammed's child bride Aisha against Mohammed's successor Ali.

President George Bush allowed the press to dictate the narrative. It was just like the era of Vietnam. It ended up a political disaster in spite of the bravery of all the men and women in uniform. 

Even conservatives were flustered with the hands off approach the Bush Administration took to the level of treachery which spewed from the press and Democratic leadership. Consider the shameful example of CNN embedding with Al Qaeda and reporting live the death of an American soldier. It was such a treacherous display of American Left journalism, to say the least. 

It was the wife of the vice-president who took CNN to task for such a display of treason. And the President and Vice-President said nothing (that I remember). Day after day, leaders of the Democratic Party were actually predicting one military disaster after another.  Politics is horrible when the shoe is on either foot, but the Administration was never able to communicate to the little person what was at stake. And so America decided not to vote for the moderate "reach across the aisle" Senator McCain and instead voted for the most unqualified man-boy ever elected.

Now we have a president who has placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood all over the State Department… a movement which openly promised the death of America. We are so close to the same disaster which took place in Germany leading up to World War II.

So what has the socialist gang banger done for America? The debt continues to climb up, up, and up. Guantamano is still in operation. No one was held responsible for the Bank and Housing Fiasco. Many if not most of the green energy companies – which receive millions from the Whitehouse - have gone belly up except for GE Wind (and the CEO of GE is intimately involved with the White House). What about Solyndra taking money from the Government and then putting it back into the DNC? Who has been held accountable for that?  The unemployment rate is still above 7.5% for those who are actually looking for work (many have given up).

Then there was the high fuel prices...every Democrat screamed "Complicity, corruption, Dirty Republicans and Oil Companies." Funny but the price of fuel in California is still above $4.50 ...not a peep from the social justice progressives. Except for Barach Obama, who said he was glad the oil prices were at this level, he is simply sorry that it happened so fast. I am certain the high gas prices in California are really helping the poor - who are mostly on foods stamps by now. (Gas prices have moderated since this was written, but largely because of little economic activity. Demand is low)

Who has been held accountable for that waste of billions of stimulus dollars? The rate of food stamp usage has gone way up (35-48%). Then there is the deadly and costly Obama "Care." How many Americans know of the 1000s of exemptions granted by the administration to companies which said: “We cannot afford this socialized health care at this time?” I thought this was supposed to be such a wonderful program?  Then the Obama Administration in order to get re-elected promised “Free Contraception” to the women of America - who were also swooned by Bill Clinton the reigning misogynist. I’d rather be able to earn a living than get contraception, which costs what $5 a month?
New Obama "Care" Ad

The Obama Administration continues to provide tax dollars $100s of millions of dollars to finance the abortion industry with no end in sight and for what - a denuded population? Actually No! Planned Parenthood first takes the profits from “dirty deeds done dirt cheap” and uses American tax dollars to finance Democratic political races.

And finally what about Barack's good friend, Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya. No one else but the president of the United States could have ordered the military to stand down in Benghazi while the U.S. Ambassador was being  tortured and murdered by a group of Jihadists, who were angry about the death of Osama Bin Laden. More than one order to stand down went to brave Americans who wanted to jump in and give their lives for the U.S. Ambassador. Three of them disobeyed and died because the U.S. wouldn't send back-up, which was available as close as Tripoli and Italy. Let Barack eat his lies and tell us where he was the night of Sept. 11, 2012! 

The only thing this present socialist gang-banger continues to promise is more open sodomy in the general population, open sodomy in sports, open sodomy in the military, and sodomy in the Whitehouse. And why not given his family upbringing?


  1. Susan,

    Thansks for your very kind comments. You are now in the Toronto Catholic Witness Daily Reader column, so that our visitors will be able to get immediate access to you and your blog.

    Your comments are true and gravely worring, here. Obama - by refusing at the UN to demand (amongst other things) that Islam repudiate and actively fight against the doctrine of Jihad will only delay the inevitable. He also, when in reference to sectarian violence, compared the suffering and persecuted Christians of Syria to the vile Islamist sects slaughtering the Christians and each other. He also, refused to denounce the terrorist Musliam Brothehood, which you exposed so well in your piece. This man, Obama, has become an existential threat to the United States. He would have been impeached had he tried to launch WW3 vis-a-vis Syria. However, there must be some legal room to launch proceedings against a president who is - whether even due to gross incompetence (and he certainly excels at that) - actively destroying his country for removal from office....

  2. Dear Barona,
    Yes, Lawrence Fox did a wonderful job with this post. I agree with you 100 percent there should be some way to impeach the U.S. President. But literally I discussed this issue with the office of Rep. Mike Coffman, R-CO, my representative, and all I got was a lot of despair about proving anything -- Fast and Furious, Benghazigate, IRSgate. I guess there's no way to impeach him either for throwing away trillions of dollars on his cronies, nor for artificially boosting the stock market by creating phony money.

    I just realized that you can't really find Larry's article on the Catholic priesthood by using our search box. It is listed under labels as "Catholic Priesthood." Here is the link http://christsfaithfulwitness.blogspot.com/search/label/Catholic%20Priesthood
    Susan Fox