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Saturday, May 25, 2013

BOY SCOUTS: Sold Down the River Again By The U.S. Bishops

by Susan Fox

We just barely survived the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic priesthood, and now the bishops are going to set up the same conditions in the Boy Scouts that existed in the U.S. Seminaries. I am disgusted.

With the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops taking a “wait and see attitude,” the Boy Scouts of America openly welcomed homosexual youth to their group.  See full article at National Catholic Register Boy Scouts of America Lifts Ban on Homosexual Scouts

“No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.” The Scouts’ national council added that line to the requirements for being a scout on May 23, 2013.

But the USCCB episcopal liaison for the National Catholic Committee on Scouting Bishop Robert Guglielmone said, while he was “not particularly encouraged” by the decision, “WE CAN LIVE WITH IT.” Then he positively encouraged Catholics to remain involved in the Scouts so they can hold the line back from gay adults becoming Scout leaders.  Sorry, but I don’t think our children should be endangered by this social experiment while the U.S. bishops “wait and see” what happens.

Bishops had ample opportunity to see "what happens" when U.S. seminaries were flooded with homosexual seminarians and teachers. They converted our future priestly vocations to homosexual activists for decades, and now they will tolerate the same thing in the Boy Scouts!

I have a close friend whose son went into the Catholic seminary a heterosexual man, and instead of coming out a Catholic priest, he came out a gay man with AIDs. By the grace of God, he repented and died in the grace of God, having received all the Catholic sacraments, but what a dreadful thing for the Catholic bishops to allow. They utterly destroyed that young man’s life. And they have learned nothing! Nor do I know of any case where a bishop apologized for the conditions he allowed in the seminary. Nor do they apologize for the conditions they allow in so-called "Catholic" universities in America! (They did apologize to the priests' victims)

Instead, how did the bishops address the accountability for this disaster in the priesthood? By requiring little old ladies, who wanted to serve the church, to get finger printed before they can begin their ministry. 

There is no reason for this change in scouting policy. Any youth with a burgeoning interest in homosexual relations would have been accepted into the Boy Scouts as long as they were fighting the tendency! If they were fighting the tendency, no one would know they were gay!

The only reason for this policy is to allow boys openly expressing their homosexuality to come in. Once they are openly saying they are gay, they don't want to change their behavior, and it will be very difficult for them not to act on their tendencies in a boy-scouting situation. Then they will pass their sexual disorder to many other innocent young men, who could have grown up, married and had children. It's an utter tragedy.

I worked for the San Francisco Examiner in the late '80s, and they did a series on homosexuality. The newspaper hired many openly gay people, but the series of articles were honest about the lifestyle. I will never forget the quote from the man who said he "fell in love" in high school with another boy. It seemed wonderful to him  at first, but in the end all he had was a miserable life of sadomasochistic group sex, sodomy and illness. He said he could have been a good husband and father, but  -- in his own words -- his life was totally wasted.

Teenage boys don't have the discernment to avoid getting hooked into this lifestyle by their friends. They need to be protected by the adults in authority. Gays have no way of increasing their numbers except by their own form of vile recruitment. Have you forgotten the Man Boy Love Association?

I can't understand why the bishops are SO naive. And I hope that's what it is. They are repeating the same mistakes they made when they repeatedly moved homosexual priests, who preyed on teenage boys, from one parish to another, thinking the man had reformed. This is false charity!

There is no leadership to be expected from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. In the ‘90s they supported domestic partnerships between same sex couples. They gave tacit support – except for provisions where they have to pay for birth control and abortion – to Obama "Care."  In the hands of an increasingly secular totalitarian government, socialized medicine becomes nothing but forced euthanasia (i.e. murder). The bishops have supported tighter gun control in a time when we need weapons to defend ourselves against a government with drones aimed at the U.S. population. AND they continue to shove the Catholic Campaign for Human Development down our throats in the collection basket! The Campaign for Human Development has been repeatedly shown to support organizations that support abortion, birth control, gay marriage, communism and every vile form of anti-Catholicism. Who would believe the Catholic collection basket would support abortion!

Make no mistake. The purpose of this Boy Scout decision is to destroy marriage, as we know it.

A prominent lesbian recently admitted she supports gay marriage because it would destroy traditional marriage. She said the gay agenda is to change marriage into something it isn’t. Right now it is a lifelong commitment between two people of the opposite sex built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, built on love.  

Gays hate marriage because they can't ever live it. They want marriage to become their lifestyle -- a temporary hook-up between people of the same sex. Well, I guess those who gave up and sought easy divorce and used birth control are reaping what they sowed. (I’m not referring to those who were suddenly dumped by their husband or wife, nor those who had to get out of a marriage to protect life and limb.) 

But rampant easy divorce and birth control in the U.S. have had a lot of negative consequences, the call for homosexual marriage just being one of them.  At this point, I can't do anything with my joint bank account in my credit union unless my husband gives his approval because he works for the company where we opened the account. This change has crept up on us just in the last few years. It is very infuriating because I handle all our finances. So thirty years of marriage is meaningless now in financial situations because of the U.S. divorce rate.

Ideas have consequences. The U.S. Bishops need to LEARN this. This idea of allowing openly gay boys into the Boy Scouts will have dire consequences for the Scouts, but also for civilization, as we know it. 

(Most of the 100,000 Scout units in America are chartered to religious organizations. The Catholic Churches account for 8,570 of them, placing them third after the Mormons and Methodists.)

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  1. How many sacrileges actions must the U S bishops perform before the world gets it that they are not practicing the Catholic Faith and are doing their upmost to destroy from within. One of their endeavors is the Sexualized catechetics in the U S bishop’s schools that introduces evil to the body and the minds of youth beginning in kindergarten.
    Sex education in classrooms is condemned by Pontiffs yet the UNcatechized “People of God” church still financially support series such as “Growing In Love” (GIL) that stirs youth into unholy choices and activities. Ingratitude towards our Savior and infidelities towards Catholic Teachings are engraved on souls at a very tender vulnerable age. Jesus and Mary cannot reign within these souls. The G I L series –“with imprimatur”--- is a raging beast that smothers and tears away virtues with diabolical teeth.
    http://www.motherswatch.net/content/view/12/6/ - Part 1
    http://www.motherswatch.net/content/view/15/6/ - Part 2
    It’s time to face this fact: do not look to these men in black to save souls. That is not their mission.