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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Make the Solution Mercy

Ireland, Save the 8th Amendment

by Susan Fox

Someone is missing. 

In 1969, a 22-year-old pregnant and
unmarried woman began a legal struggle that would culminate in the ignoble U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, legalising abortion. 

Claiming she was too poor to travel to any of the six states* where abortion was legal, Norma McCovey, aka Jane Roe, sought the right to terminate her third pregnancy. 

Norma never had an abortion, and her child — adopted in 1970 —  would be 48 years old today.

Norma McCorvey & her attorney after the 1973 decision
But since then, 60 million Americans have lost their lives to abortion. That is more than 46 times the number of lives lost in every U.S. War since the American Revolution (1.309 million). And what about their missing descendants?  Geneticists have found 800 million men living today descended from 11 Asian men, including Genghis Khan.

Someone is indeed missing.

In the United States in 2016 and 2017, money almost stopped changing hands. Money velocity is at its lowest level since the Great Depression.** Money needs people to move it around.  

But many are missing.

That’s why  U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan supported immigration in the bi-partisan budget signed into law Nov 2, 2015. American businesses need labor! Since 1973, 60 million potential labourers have been killed in the United States. 

People over 65 years are expected to outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history in the next two decades. This is a drag on the economy. Economic growth is a function of an expanding labor force and rising productivity. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

In 2016, we almost saw the collapse of the global economy as China’s one-child policy created plunging world commodity prices. China practiced forced abortion and sterilisation for 37 years! Workers in Africa, happy with their new found, middle-class-status, committed suicide when China stopped buying their country’s natural resources. There went the jobs! 
The good times rolled. Sure they did. In Africa, they rolled and then they rolled right on by.  

Face it, one nation’s abortion law affects the entire world. 

In 1983, the Irish saw that U.S. citizens were stripped of their right to life by their own courts. So — with great foresight — they passed the 8th Amendment.

It guarantees the equal right to life of the unborn child and its mother. “The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

No court can overturn it. No elected legislature can change it. Tens of thousands of Irish citizens under the age of 45 are alive today thanks to the 8th Amendment

Now in May, Ireland is considering the overthrow of its own life protecting law. The inconvenience of traveling to England for an abortion is their excuse. Ireland is not a tolerant place for unwed mothers, they say, citing one extreme case where a young mother and child died in the street while she was giving birth. Irish Health Minister Simon Harris accuses Ireland of being “cold, uncaring, neglectful” because it prohibits abortion.

Project Ireland 2040 plans for 1 million more people
Will they be Irish? 
Ireland actually has the best maternal healthcare and one of the lowest maternal death rates in the world.  “So abortion campaigners are focused on smashing Ireland’s laws because they know pro-lifers the world over can look to Ireland as a real, proven example of why abortion is never necessary,” Niamh Uí Bhriain,  a spokeswoman for the Life Institute in Ireland, told Breitbart News in an interview. 

U.S. billionaire George Soros, whose investment strategy is to destroy economies, societies and their currencies so he can profit in a downturn, has a well funded plan to legalise abortion in Ireland, according to documents leaked from his Open Society Foundations, according to Breitbart News. 

The leaked documents say that the Soros’ foundation created a three-year-program to “reverse the tide of fetal personhood laws and constitutional amendments” and to generate “a robust set of organisations advancing and defending sexual and reproductive rights.” 

These documents show that Soros viewed the legalisation of same sex marriage in Ireland in 2015  as providing an excellent opportunity to advance the pro-abortion agenda against Amendment 8. 

One hundred thousand Irish rallied to the cause against abortion on March 12, 2018. Uí Bhriain said that these crowds in Dublin city centre demonstrated that a sleeping giant has been awakened, according to LifeNews.com. "These huge numbers are a rising of the people against the media and political elites and against the powerful international abortion industry who have poured millions into a campaign attacking out pro-life laws. Ireland is at a defining point in our history, and we are challenging the people to reject the abortion industry and to demand a better answer for mothers and babies," she said. "Abortion has no place in a compassionate and progressive society." 

I strongly  sympathise with the plight of young girls and women caught in an unexpected pregnancy. I have looked into their sorrowful faces when they leave the abortion clinic. But isn’t the proper solution mercy? Should a child lose its life because we as a society are unwilling to show compassion to its mother? 

In the U.S., the abortion rate is declining. In part, it is because we have massively more crisis pregnancy centres than abortion clinics.*** As soon as I volunteered to witness outside an abortion clinic, I found out the crisis pregnancy centre — loaded with available resources for housing, jobs and medical care — was right across the street. 

Norma McCorvey regretted causing the death
"I am Roe no more," said Norma McCorvey, who converted to Catholicism in the late '90s
of 60 million Americans. She was in a medical waiting room, "
When I noticed a fetal development poster. The progression was so obvious, the eyes were so sweet. It hurt my heart, just looking at them.  I kept seeing the picture of that tiny, 10-week-old embryo, and I said to myself, that's a baby! It's as if blinders just fell off my eyes. Abortion wasn't about 'products of conception.' It wasn't about 'missed periods.' It was about children being killed in their mother's wombs! All those years I was wrong.  Working in an abortion clinic, I was wrong. No more of this first trimester, second trimester, third trimester stuff. Abortion—at any point—was wrong. It was so clear. Painfully clear."

She became a fiery opponent of abortion in every case. 

“I am Roe no more,” she said. 

Norma realised somebody is missing.

Please vote to save the 8th Amendment.

*Alaska, California, Hawaii, New York, Oregon, and Washington

 **Money Velocity is the number of times one dollar is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time. It is at 1.43 at the end of the fourth quarter of 2017. It bottomed out at 1.15 during the Great Depression.

*** We have 2,752 U.S. crisis pregnancy centres versus 1,793 abortion clinics, but only 704 stand alone abortion businesses. 


  1. Thank you for your great post. It’s a tragedy here in Ireland that our own Government are the oppressors of the inalienable right to life😭
    But we had a most amazing Rally in Dublin last Saturday at which 100,000 plus came from every corner of the country. It’s sad that we have to do it but it was a huge boost to a of us battling this vile & vicious evil👍

  2. Paddy, Thank you for comment. Thank you for standing up for human life! Especially Irish life! I did add information about the 100,000 person rally in the post -- probably after you read it. That Niamh Uí Bhriain seems to be doing an excellent job as a spokesperson for your right to life movement. We thank God for her and all the volunteers. God bless you, Paddy. Susan Fox