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Saturday, May 21, 2016


on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

by Edwin Rodrigues

of Chandigarh, India, who can be found at @EdwinEd1667 on Twitter

Work for unity, clarity, charity and every virtue.
Start this Sunday, when we adore
the Most Holy Trinity, undivided Unity.
Our prayers and tears are not in vain!
For the One to Whom we pray, listens,
He listens even before we say,
“Let us work for unity, charity, clarity of every faculty
in myself, our families, in everyone,
the entire human community!
And particularly in our Roman Catholic Church.”

For we pray for vision clarity
especially for the beloved -- ignorant of Holy Mother Church
and her teachings
on chastity, purity, humility;

They do not know
the preciousness of unborn life, the holy breath of elderly & handicapped.
The innocent threatened with early death wear real crowns of thorn.

O Divine Majesty, three distinct Persons, living in cohesive, triune Unity,
look with pity on humanity that blinds itself with vanity, cruelty, and lust.
These are deeds You see before they come to pass.

Have compassion on us, and most of all on me!
I am always in need of your merciful love, always in need of Thee.
I ask this  through the intercession of the angels and saints,
and through their Queen, Mother Mary!

May the fruit of these efforts be ours,
for without sacrifice and love,
we surrender humanity to darkness and dark powers.

Let us pray for showers of healing and peace!


  1. So sad to see the evil in this World, turning away from God Almighty. As bad as it may look, Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church Will Prevail. Much suffering offered up for sinner's. Lust is around us everywhere, PRAY FOR SINNERS. ALSO, PRAY FOR PRIEST & STOP ABORTION. HOW ARE YOU SUSAN , MY SWEET FRIEND? PRAY FOR YOU.