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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Please Lord

A Heartfelt Prayer

By Christopher Ziegler

Please, Lord Jesus, have pity on me, 
For I am weak.

My will is broken and weary.
I cannot love you as you love me.
Your love for me is mighty and binding.
My love for you is real but frail.

Yet I know that by your mercy and by your grace,
I can become what you want me to become.
I believe it and know it to be true.

You are powerful. 
You made me. 
You can heal me.
Please, Lord, I want to be healed!

Cure me and make me holy,
For the glory of your name.

Christopher Ziegler can be found @CZWriting on Twitter


  1. Dear Christopher, I like the simplicity with which you have conveyed your prayer in a poetic style. It's straight from the heart and if a sinner like me can appreciate it, God, the infinitely merciful one must have liked it infinitely more. I believe it's from your heart to His! Thank you for sharing the same. God bless...and please pray for me too.

  2. Such a beautiful way to correspond to Jesus. Talking to Jesus can be High Forum of Prayer. Pray for me,I'll Pray for you.GBU.