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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Planned Parenthood is America's Giant Vomitorium

by Lawrence Fox 

In America, we have observed bohemian men and woman at "All You Can Eat" buffets frequenting the restroom to expel their self-indulgence. Sometimes, we have heard the man or  woman in the next bathroom stall mutter, “I hate when I do this do myself” while heaving their innards out. 

It is under debate whether the Romans actually had structures for the purpose of vomiting after meals as the word "Vomitorium" also applies to getting a fast exit from a theater.

But it is a fact that my wife and I have observed that American men and women do overeat at restaurants, then  expel the products of their pleasure in the toilet afterwards. 

But people, who cannot resist the second and third helping, also worry about their waistline. So they plan ahead by swallowing over-the-counter pills that turn fatty foods into non-digestible rubber that is then forced out of the bowels the  morning after.  

Younger women engaged in this practice of vomiting after meals are cruelly categorized as “bulimic” by medical professionals, school board counselors, and by state and federal government bureaucrats. Bulimia is defined as the habit of binge eating a large amount of food rapidly or even a small amount, followed by methods of purging the food -- vomiting or taking laxatives in order to remain slim and trim. It is identified as an eating disorder.

Then there are people -- knowing they cannot resist the third helping --  who purchase over-the-counter pills which are meant to mitigate the craving to eat. These men and women are identified as more cautious, sensible, and liberated but without the pill, they are no different from those struggling with binge eating. 

Most citizens of the modern world would identify such behavior as tragic, irresponsible, and certainly not something to be subsidized by the taxpayer. Yet remove the food from the context and replace it with sexual self-indulgence and observe how the tenor of the discussion changes. 

In America, sexually active woman are observed to frequent Planned Parenthood to expel their self-indulgence. Whether willingly or no, sometimes they are accompanied by sexually active men anxious to see the self-indulgence expelled. But often they arrive alone as the sexually active man can't be
Planned Parenthood is the Nation's largest Abortion
troubled to show that much concern for his actions.
These women drive out of the parking lot of Planned Parenthood with tears in their eyes because they have not only killed their own child, but also the relationship with the man who would not take responsibility.

It is observed time and again that women while heaving their innards lament, “I hate it when I do this do myself.” Their thoughts are unknown as they exit Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.

From Planned Parenthood's 2012-2013 Annual Report. Shows how they have been defeating the will of the people by overturning pro-life legislation in the courts and making abortion less safe in California by allowing non-physicians to do the procedure, reducing their costs.  
Planned Parenthood is America’s Giant Vomitorium.
There men and women, who cannot resist sexual encounters, purchase over-the-counter pills which brings upon the woman the safe medical condition known as “hemorrhaging.”

The woman is told that self-induced hemorrhaging is an excellent way of forcibly expelling any potential “conceptus” the “morning after” a lunch or dinner liaison.

Younger women in large numbers are cruelly categorized as “nympho” by medical professionals, school board counselors, and by state and federal government bureaucrats.
Planned Parenthood boasts of its influence on
popular culture and television
Nymphomania describes the habit of having intercourse even in small quantities as a result of no personal control and no concept of consequences. Younger women are counseled to embrace their nymphomania as something normal and prescribed over-the-counter pills to mitigate one of the consequences of such a habit. 

When the pills do not work, then the same agencies and counselors encourage the young women to come to Planned Parenthood which is more than happy to accept their money or that of their "loving" and "good-hearted" parents and boyfriends  to expel the product of their self-indulgence; thereby allowing the younger women to stay slim and trim. 

Most citizens of the "modern" world would identify such behavior as liberating, responsible, and certainly something to be subsidized by the taxpayer.
U.S. Government Spending as a percentage of Planned Parenthood Revenues appears in ORANGE
from its 2012-2013 annual report 
In fact, the U.S. Government donated $540.6 million in Fiscal Year 2013  to Planned Parenthood to promote and perpetuate the American habit of baby vomiting. 
Monies have poured into the coffers of PlannedParenthood regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats owned Congress and the White House. 

Most Americans tragically participate in one form or another in the baby vomiting activities of Planned Parenthood.  
American Taxpayers pay for abortion through Obama "Care." Planned Parenthood boasts of getting state laws overturned that blocked Medicaid patients from getting "care" at Planned Parenthood. 
And yet, this attitude may have slightly changed  because of increased knowledge deriving from a series of undercover videos of Planned Parenthood's activities undertaken by The Center for Medical Progress. 

It has been documented that Planned Parenthood has  been altering abortion procedures in order to deliver intact children for the purpose of gutting them while they are still living and selling their fresh body parts. This practice has increased Planned Parenthood's prestige in the pseudo medical profession. Of course without missing a beat, progressives -- including Democrats, Hollywood, the LGBT lobby (hoping for a cure for AIDS) and  Medical Research -- have come to the defense of America’s Giant Vomitorium. These citizens of "modern" times view the vomiting of unborn children as liberating, responsible, and certainly something to be subsidized by taxpayers.  

Now Planned Parenthood has claimed it no longer accepts money for baby parts, but really nothing has changed. They continue to promote and enforce the vomiting of children from the womb in order to allow America's sexual disorder to flourish. 

Take that, Planned Parenthood!


  1. A very novel way of catching the readrers' attention and redirecting to something they wouldn't have read otherwise. Planned Parenthood and their associates need to be constantly exposed. They're forever deceiving and selling their lies. Lord have mercy!

  2. Dr. Frankenstein is alive and doing well for himself.


  3. THIS WAS SOMEWHAT OF A SHOCK. When I first saw the pictures I thought it a creative way of showing morning sickness & it being hollowen.Susan you did catch me! I kept going back to make sure I was seeing and reading it all right. This could make a person feel sick, which I'm sure you wanted to happen; it worked. That is no way as bad as what happens to the most helpless, precious of all ; God's own gift, "I knew you befor you were". It seems people will do most things for $. What price will God ask for with such pain watched as his own creation helpless to ask for help while murdered for parts in such a most painful way. Yes it was a great upset, which it is - so great a price. How does one answer.. Ivysnow3567

  4. Great piece.. America needs to wake up and see exactly what has been going on..and the denial of the pro ppHOOD types is an abomination to humanity and to the United States ..

  5. We have gone so far from so many things that should be good. The society has turned to evil. I mean really evil. Everyday life has very little good. Many seldom pray or say the rosary. We were personally asked to do this by the true vision of our Blessed Mother. Society is so numb tv telephone, nights out matter more than our salvation. We don't think of the miracle that came to us to earn of disaster if we fail to heed the sacred message, and yes we are in grave danger. Our Blessed Mother came to warn us. We will pay a great price for complete disregard. Yes the precios babyies killed, so sad and near impossible to look at. What have we become??? Yes I believe All of heaven is crying.God wanted to sare all His beauty with us from so much love and just look at the thanksgiving He has been given.we can't and won't say thank you God, because we have no time for Him, this includes all of Heaven..