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Monday, January 26, 2015


by Lawrence Fox 
#JeSuisCharlie French support free speech after the murder of French
cartoonist Charlie Hebdo Jan 7, 2015 by Muslim fundamentalists.
His cartoons mocked the Prophet Mohammed

The manner in which Western Progressive Society responds to violence perpetuated in the name of the Prophet Mohammed, including the Jan.7, 2015 murder of a group of French cartoonists and the Nov. 13, 2015 murder of 129 in Paris, is tragically logical.

I say logical since educational, journalistic, judicial, political and corporate entities within Western Progressive Society fundamentally adhere to the vile principal, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

This is not hard to grasp once a person steps back and views the ethical devolution of Western Society following the Reformation. After the Reformation came the Enlightenment, and the Age of Reason, which built the foundation of the French Revolution -- the purest expression of a progressive society undertaking “jihad” against Catholicism and everything Christian.

Then there came the gifts of Empiricism and German Idealism both contributing to the madness known as dialectical materialism. She is the Lady who seduced modern man into embracing with gusto the progressive movements of Nazism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Liberation Theology, and the modern pro-abortion movement.

All of these movements contributed to the slaughter of 80 to 100 million people of faith around world; a good percentage of them being Christians, as well as millions of unborn children.

Hate creates  strange bedfellows. I can remember my years at University of California, Berkeley, listening to various “progressives” speaking about their hopes for the death of religion, the death of capitalism, the murder of unborn children, the death of the family, and the death of America and Israel.

It was amazing to see Muslims parading with lesbians, feminists, communists, and anarchists! I remember one time asking the Muslims, “What do Muslims have in common with the LGBT movement and the abortionist?” Their reply was, “We hate Western Society (Christianity and Capitalism) and especially America.” The enemy of my enemy is my friend. 

The progressive hatred for all expressions of Judeo-Christian thought (especially Catholicism) has embedded itself so deeply within the fabric of Western Society that any verbal or written resistance to the “progressive” stance is now “offensive hate speech.”

Object to the murder of an unborn child, sodomy, prostitution, contraception, assisted suicide, the destruction of human embryos for science, children undergoing sex change, or the adoption of children by same sex parents, and you have now fallen into the cesspool of intolerance.

Your offensive hate speech merits lost business opportunities, prison, elimination of your passport, and subjects you to being shouted out on campuses, ridiculed by the press, and marginalized by the courts.

And yet the butchering of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and moderate Muslims in numerous countries (Mali, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Malaysia, Palestine, Israel, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Iraq, East Timor, Chechnya, North Korea, India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka) is not offensive in the Western mind.

In the Progressive West, persons who adhere literally to the numerous chapters in the Quran, which promote violence as the will of Allah, are conveniently considered not to be Muslims, but “extremists,” who have co-opted the religion of peace. This peaceful religion – by the way -- has been embroiled in a 1300-year civil war between Sunnis and Shiite Muslims -- with no end in sight.

The attitude within Islam towards Christianity and Judaism has never been favorable and today it is most lamentable. Regarding non-Muslims, the Quran says, “The most implacable of men in the enmity to the faithful (Muslim) are the Jews and the pagans and the nearest affection to them are those who say, ‘We are Christians.’” (Surah 5:82) Countries dominated by Islamic culture tolerate the execution, persecution, imprisonment, and destruction of Jewish and Christian structures based upon a literal reading of the Quran. “O Believers! Take not the Jews or Christians as friends. They are but one another’s friends.” (Surah 5: 56)

“There are many non-violent Muslims,” constitutes the pitiful polemics from the mouths of Western leaders as if that contributes to honest dialogue with another re-emerging culture of death, Islam itself. This only demonstrates to me that an ideological exchange exists between Western Progressive Society, Nazism, Communism, and Jihadist Islam.

The jihadists are only doing what the spiritual descendants of the French Revolution, Nazism and Communism wish they could continue if they were not too busy self-abusing themselves with drugs, abortion, contraception, suicide, trans-gendering, pornography and masturbation, and forms of asphyxiated sex.

Western Society deems it hate speech when anyone seeks to hold the foundations of Islam accountable for the butchery which began in the Seventh Century – where its adherents wiped out whole communities of Coptic, Syrian, Armenian, Malabar, Greek and Latin Rite Christians.

In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI -- speaking at Regensburg, Germany -- simply called Islam and Western Society to embrace both “faith and reason” as a means overcoming fideism (faith apart from reason), fanaticism, and ethical suicide.

The best that Western Society could do was mock him and blame him for offending Islam and therefore make him guilty of the subsequent assassination of Christians in Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Egypt.

As long as Islamic jihadists continue to butcher Christians and Western Society is willing to consider this as tolerable “collateral damage,” it will cling to President George W. Bush’s Doctrine, “That Islam is a religion of peace which was been hijacked by bad non-Muslims” and Barack Obama’s self-absorbed mantra, “The future must not belong to those who offend the Prophet.”

Obama then drops drone missiles on Muslims who he identifies as not being Muslim because they view Obama’s marriage to a “so-called Christian woman” to be an offense against Mohammed. And so the White House and the U.S State Department became little more than brothels visited by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, these "honest" Muslims were the ones behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat, who dared to make peace with Israel.

The tragedy of the logic continues. The American government makes deals with Al-Qaeda jihadist Muslims in Syria, who are fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a group that the White House conveniently defines as non-Muslim. The White House crawls into bed with Iraqi Shiite Muslims, who hate Iraqi Sunni Muslims. The Iraqi Shiite Muslims turn around and make deals with Shiite Muslims in Iran that seek to nuke Israel off the map.

Western leaders protest “ho hum” when Hamas Muslims sends rockets into Israel. But when Israel retaliates by bombing rocket launcher sites where Hamas has conveniently stuffed Christian women and children, the West protests “those dirty Jews.”  When Boko Haram burns alive and enslaves Christians in Nigeria, Western Society does nothing except to send out meaningless hashtags, “Bring back our girls.” 

It is all very discouraging to say the least, since there is not even an attempt to honestly dialogue with Islam and those elements supporting the Quran from which such vile behavior flows. But how can the West respond to such barbarism, while it defends the legal practice of tearing apart the limbs of fully developed babies in their mother’s wombs and identifies such terror as “Western Progressive Choice.” 

There is not a thread of hope that things will get better as long as the ideologies, which presently govern Western Society, remain in the majority. 

As such,
Dear Christians, Jews, Animists, and moderate Muslims in Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Malaysia, Palestine, Israel, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Iraq, East Timor, Chechnya, North Korea, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, 
Please know that apart from a few brave men in the United States and the Australian Military, you need to fend for yourself. By the way, Bill and Melinda Gates want to send you contraception and the morning after pills to comfort you in your loss because pregnancy is the root of your problems.  
Western Society, United Nations, and NATO

P.S. Most of us are running extremely high deficits and were hoping that you would please send us money. It would be much appreciated. 

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  1. This post is one of the best I have read on this subject of self-hatred, mass spiritual amnesia....Islam is flogging the decadent West, and will destroy us, as a punish from God for our infidelity. We have to pay the price for either killing or allowing to be killed the tens of millions of babies, whose blood is crying to Heaven for Vengeance. And that is only on eof the major sins, legalized, glorified and promoted as virtue in the filthy, dirty 'West".

  2. There was a war in Heaven in thankgiving to St Micheal, Satan was thrown out of Heven. Satan was a most beautiful Angel with much intelligence. He was so extremely prideful that He was not going to have anyone more worthy than he (full of false pride) thought he was more worthy than Jesus. It became so severe St Michael threw him out of heaven to this earth we live in. 1/3 af all degree of angels followed Satan ,now 1/3 of ? Can be many, many. God gave Angel and. Man alike free will. We of couse can use it for good or to are own detriment. There is no easy explaination as to why Satan is still alive along with 1/3 of the angels; unless he can collect those here on earth who follow the same path. As we all should know God Has not been treated that well by people on earth, and trully not Our precious Saviour. Keeping in mind we all have had free will from the beginning. God will not force anyone to love Him or keep His Commands. Satan has always been busy persuading peple to follow him. This is where Love of God and the complete desire for Heaven with forevever Thanksgiving to Jesus for The horrific suffering of his Crucifixtion , Death and Resurrection saved us. From damnation so we can have eternal life, which we lost due to our 1st Parents. All things done according to the will of God. Satan has brought his pride and pent up evil he had in Heaven to earth where we live until by Obedience and Love we will be Saints in Heaven as we are ment to be.This is our Goal. We have been given all we need to accomplish this if we follow God's rules for our salvation. All Scripture in Old Testament can be found in one way or other. The Life and Death of Jesus can be found in The New Testament, all writer's inspired by The Holy Spirit. We also have special Writings; I will mention Sts' Peter, Paul & Jude all help for us to Heaven. We must not as St Paul warned wear full armor of God and keep oue eye on the Goal, but we know Satan is woring endless for souls. All of the horrible things going on now is the race of Satan to gain souls.Satan and all the #'s+++ are at work as always At this time the war is with us; we are living in this time. We are at war with all of Satans army. Very horrific things are taking and have taken place now. The radicals ; much more -Satanics are doing the most horrible of murders and torching of people because they are! And so very many because they're Christians. This alone is more horrible than any words. Then we have the murder of living babies inside and outside the womb. These babies also die horrible deathes, alive while cut apart All for $ everything $is involved. God has been taken out. Of the equation. The Govt teaches our children. People with Christian values are seldom hired & if so they must stay mute to get & keep the job. Same as in Govt. Yes Satan and countless are on a murderous slaughtering mission and recruiting non stop. Worldwide. Yes we are watching and hearing, some with Govt approval. The solution ; Holy Mass w/ the Holy Eucharist always rconciliation. Live life as plainly spelled out for us in Holy Scripture; Catholic way of life. Jesus gave His Life for us to follow. Yes all we see and here-sadly some live the horror. DON't let Our Lord and all of Heaven down. Do what it takes to defeat satan and all his recruites. Those who were human relinquished this right fo and to Satan. Don't sleep with light under table and no oil. PRAY ,LOVE OUR LORD. Pray& be hapoy in Our Lord. My prayers are with you.Stay strong. Ivorysnow3567

  3. I HAVE RECEIVED 2threats that I know of, from Isis. No Pope will appease this extreme radical group. No person will appease them either. It isn't their so called "religion". They enjoy killing ,,and all sick things they do. Religion is'nt in vocabulary. & those who claim to be peaceful are taught to accept all extreme. Nothing but horror stories come from these people. They commit everything we would consider sin, and yet in their chosen evil call us infidels. The most horrible you can think of is what they do. Have no idea,why US & other countries taking them in. Can no one see the plan. They will be close to their targets. Able to get all they need -hold us at bay while all others enter. OUR LORD is. Only ONE WHO CAN SAVE US. THEY ARE SATANICS, BLENDING IN WITH Satan . I don't think people get true picture. Everyone will too late. Everyone seems asleep. Jesus said stay alert ; are we?Ivysnow3567

  4. Thought provoking post.
    Thank you, Susan.