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Friday, December 5, 2014

RED and GREEN: A Poem about Temptation

by Susan Fox

A sea of ugly green toads swim smoothly around my head while I am reclining.
A small army of Rudolph:
Red bulbous noses,
but no Christmas joy follows their entrance.

They seem intent on turning over my iced tea,
interrupting my music,
pulling my feet from the chair...

Their unpleasant voices
remind me of what I said,
(which wasn’t said)
but must have been said
because it now bothers me.

I finally send them out of the room
to a place they do not like.

Their little general marches with them
back and forth, rudely before the  Throne of God.
Hurling accusations at me like balefire,
a small squeaky dog toy, he fusses.
His absolute defiance is a bonfire of despair.

But I know how to rock his indigestion.
I simply bow my head before the One
and say,
“I am nothing.”

And so it was with the Angel known as Michael,

who asked one question:
“Who    is like God?”*

A shooting star framed against the inky sky,
the disgraced commander falls like lightening.
A shower of meteors follow.

Stars -- one-third the princes of the kingdom –
fall from heaven.
It all happened in my salon.
Goodbye Red.
Goodbye Green.

 *Michael means, "Who is like God?" I personally think he defeated Satan with humility not with a sword. To Satan's arrogant statement, "I want to be God," Michael humbly asked, "Who is like God?" 

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  1. A great poem to read in September, the month of St. Michael. His feast is Sept. 29.

  2. So many lost! We are at war with psychopathic murderers. Same as Biblical times. Yes St Michael did throw the most beautiful & intelligent angel out of heaven (pride) 1/3 of all degreevof angels followed. No way to know #. The murder of babies Alive in & out of womb. In some way always $. Yes Satan began on his time as always. Wwe nee God Now We need to pray in ernest to God. Beg, plead for His help. St Michael will be near. Our much needed Warrior. Actually we are in a Satanic War. PRAY and PRAY more.

  3. Beautifully felt, made me think... I do believe that is the definition of "art".