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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


(The Eucharist is the re-presentation of Christ’s Passion on the Cross in an un-bloody manner.  Because God is outside time, and time is a creature of God, I like to tell people the Consecration is a time machine that returns you to the original moment of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To witness daily His ascent at the intersection of time and eternity is to go to daily Mass.)

by Susan Fox

“Lord, here are two swords,”
we cried, as youth will cry
in pity and in ignorance;
Peter draws his sword at the arrest of Jesus

But we divided,
you, weeping with intellectual fervor
for the very stones He tread upon;

And I
in smiling sorrow
dancing to my death
at a bright intersection.

We are guilty of the resurrection:
we have eaten at the wrong table,
letting the spiteful words spill like cancer.

And once we both fell asleep
under the ghastly stare of an empty sky
leaving the Man alone to die.

“Rescue the Corpse,” you said,
but the dawn made us clumsy;
the blind hush of His ascent
drove us back from the murdered tomb.

And now
we lay the crusade aside:
weeping with intellectual fervor
and I
in smiling sorrow
witness daily His ascent
at the intersection

of time and eternity.

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