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Saturday, March 16, 2013

LOSS OF COMMON SENSE: Sodomy rights in Colorado

(editor's note: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is about to sign legislation that will create civil unions between people of the same sex. This is the response of my husband, Lawrence Fox. He faxed this to the governor's office as we heard he doesn't read his emails.) 

Dear  Gov. Hickenlooper,

In 2008, the people of Colorado voted to keep marriage between one man and one woman.  This was not a bigoted but a reasoned decision on the part of the people of Colorado. Now the Colorado legislature in cahoots with  you, our governor, is going to thwart the will of the people. RE: Please veto SB 13-011, Civil Unions.

At one time the United States Government told the people of Utah, “Give up polygamy and you can then enter the Union of United States.”
Now the government dictates to its citizens that sexual misogyny, sexual androgyny,  and sodomy are now protected practices.

The culture of death has  finally reached its apogee in Colorado. In one year, we can now smoke dope and commit sodomy. And why not, we were given the right to terminate the life of our unborn children, divorce & re-marry, divorce & re-marry, engage in pornography, and sterilize ourselves. Give it a couple of years and gay marriage and euthanasia will become part of the Democratic agenda.

What a pyrrhic victory for same sex couples! But society has morally collapsed in order to achieve such an end.
The Democratic Party and general populace have become so bored that sodomy rights is now center stage.
Yes it is now an undeniable reality. The moment Democrats achieve political power the critical issues become: sodomy, abortion, contraception, and euthanasia and all under the veil of personal rights and freedom.

How can a State affirm the dignity of the individual while at the same time overlook an individual’s destructive habits?
Is it not reasonable to recognize that certain sexual behaviors are detrimental to man and to woman, especially activities that include men having sex with men even in a “committed relationship.”  Is it not reasonable to recognize that homosexual behavior place men at greater risk of Hepatitis and AIDS?  Why would the state be interested in the protection of sodomy as in the case of two men or anyone for that matter? Lesbianism has its own detriments.
If the State accepts civil unions, the demand for homosexual marriage will soon follow and the state will again be saying objectively that a conceived child does not have a right to a father or a mother.
What a monstrous position regardless of personal rights.
It is contradiction for the state to recognize the homosexual couple’s right (or anyone’s for that matter) to conceive a child without the natural father and mother. What a failed experiment on the child’s psyche.  
Prisons are filled with boys without fathers.
Now society is pushing transgendered therapy on prepubescent children.
Is it not reasonable to resist a culture, which teaches that sexuality has nothing to do with children and the welfare of children?
Note: This is precisely the social agenda of the GBLT culture: sex and children are exclusive -- one does not necessarily lead to another. (Oh that was what Planned Parenthood pushed from the beginning and now a majority of Christians are monthly sterile married partners).
Other Thoughts
History shows that human society (laws, morality, religion and culture) built on the committed relationship between one man and one woman, known as marriage, survive.  In contra-distinction societies which experimented with alternative styles as norm are all dead: Incas, Spartans, Ming, Athenian, Carthaginians, Sodom, Gomorrah, Canaanites and countless more).
We are writing our own death sentence because some  man ora woman are unable to bond with someone of the opposite sex?
Many aberrations within modern society are the direct result of a lack a genuine masculine and feminine bonding and nurturing within the family. History has shown that this genuine bonding between man and woman is rooted in the human heart. Stable cultures have been formed around the marriage ritual: courtship, dowry, weddings, sacrament, blessings, fertility, medicine, midwives, extended family, and peace exchanges between extended tribes.
Family is the foundation from which human bonding is learned, experienced and shared with subsequent generations.
The family throughout history has either defined the perseverance of a people and its way of life or its demise. Note that in most of the Western World, very few people marry, very few couples have children and numbers have shown that in as little as 100 years, the Western way of life will be lost.
The family has survived throughout history the internal and external pressures, which misshape and dissipate it. But if the family does not survive this generation, then society will collapse.
Pressures which misshape the family are: substance and physical abuse, which destroy the dignity of the abused and the abuser; polygamy, which diminishes equality; infidelity and divorce, which destroys love and trust; pornography, which destroys sexual integrity; infanticide and abortion, which takes the life of the child; sterilization and contraception, which creates the need for abortion and infanticide and treats the person of the child as a commodity; and homosexuality, which denigrates masculinity and femininity.
Tragically, the culture which GLBT seeks to establish as normative is one in which the complementary nature of man and woman are made irrelevant, and the fundamental right of every child to a father and a mother is denied.
How can a culture survive when it’s very foundation, that is the family relationship between one man and one woman, is redefined to mean something else?
The answer is that it cannot. 
This bill undermines religious freedom and will force the closure of religious charities.

There is no government Interest in the promotion of alternative lifestyles.

Thank you. 

Lawrence Fox 

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