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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Message to Wayne

Wayne, 8 p.m. Sunday Oct. 21 Mountain Time in the United States, we prayed as you requested. God bless you. Susan Fox


  1. Hi and thanks. I looked a bunch of times for that key. Starting in the morning. And on into early evening. I couldnt give up. It would cost too much to have a locksmith make a key. It was near 3 PM i found the key. Prayers can be answered befor you ask them, cause god knows what you have need of. I was ready to give up when i looked between UPS shipping boxes. Wedged between them was the key. Thanks so much for you help with this. I owe you one. ....Love, Wayne

  2. Dear Wayne, You already asked for help before we did. God answered your prayers. God bless you. Susan Fox