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Monday, July 30, 2012

Social Phobias, or How to Strain a Gnat and ...

by Lawrence Fox
I was thinking about all the "classic" litanies of phobias recited by actiivists and community organizers (some of whom require $3000/year contraception allowances), media pundits, senators, representatives, presidents, and judges. The defining criteria for these various forms of phobia include: irrational reaction to, the avoidance of, the use of de-humanizing and insensitve language about, and violent actions against, and all working together to prevent certain classes of persons from being free and integrated into society. The greatest phobia in Western Society would then have to be child-phobia (through all his or her stages of development). Did not the Professor in Chief say: "I would not punish my daughter with a child, one resulting from a mistake." So the conceived child is a punishment, a mistake, an after thought, only tissue, with no rights, no dignity and no value prior to and after delivery. And at what cost and effort do we make sure this child does not come into the world? "You strain a gnat and swallow a camel," said Jesus to the Pharisees.

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